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Tuesday, 29 August


MACKAY Drug arrest, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 29, 2017 at 01:33PM ,

Drug arrest, Mackay

August 29, 2017 at 01:33PM ,

from trafficking and two counts of possession of dangerous drugs. He is expected to appear at the Mackay Magistrates Court tomorrow, August 30.

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MACKAY Drug trafficker busted with $120000 of ice: Police "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 29, 2017 at 01:55PM ,

Drug trafficker busted with $120000 of ice: Police

August 29, 2017 at 01:55PM ,

The Oakenden man was expected to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday. Oakenden is about 30km south-west of Mackay.

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MACKAY Mackay parents: Bullying is a joke in regions schools "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 29, 2017 at 07:00AM ,

Mackay parents: Bullying is a joke in regions schools

August 29, 2017 at 07:00AM ,

The mum of four kids fronted Mackay Magistrates Court last week, pleading guilty to public nuisance, but telling the court her daughter had faced

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Im A Transgender, Decorated Veteran. I Oppose Military-Sponsored Sex Changes "IndyWatch Feed National"

As I was reading an opinion article that theorized about returning to a Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy for transgender troops, I began to wonder if that wouldnt be such a bad thing. Youre no doubt wondering how someone like menot only a relatively highly decorated military veteran, but also a staunch advocate for open transgender military servicecould have such a blasphemous mindset.

The answer is simple: not all elements of transgenderism are good and healthy. Im very specifically talking about the nutty elements of transgenderism that insist on cutting off healthy body parts, claiming theyre confirming their genders and that this is lifesaving. Its not. It merely enriches the people doing the cutting

The Los Angeles Times reported, for example, For the last four years, Drs. Gil and Zol Kryger have averaged 100 top surgeries a year, each costing $6,000 to $9,000. Bottom surgery, constructing genitalia, is comparatively rare and far more expensive, running $75,000 to $100,000. Even worse, sex-change surgery continues to lead more and more people down this hideous pathway. Heres GQ:

Jennifer was set to have her procedure done in Thailand when, at the last minute, a Los Angeles-based surgeon offered her a discount if she would agree to be featured in a documentary on her surgery. Even so, she says, Paying for it took everything I had. But a host of complications and nearly a dozen emergency surgeries had her in and out of the hospital for ten months, and the no-frills insurance policy she bought before her transition, like all policies, had its limits.

Media handlers who write about me often cast me as being the hero who broke the gender binary. The part about me being the first to break the gender binary is true, I did that, and I did it for an important reason: to help stop the sterilization and mutilation of transgender children. They need realistic and healthier options.

I Know the Dark Side Because Ive Been There

But nobody in the media to date has been willing to say that I broke the gender binary after desisting from living as a transgender female. Theyll write that I was formerly a transgender female, but none will dare write that I desisted. I did. And I desisted from living as and being classified as a female not only because I saw how toxic and monstrous the medical end of transgenderism is, but also because I saw the harm I was doing to women who were born women by being allowed to adopt the same legal identity as them.

The oft-hated Transgender Wiki...


Prominent Debunker Shows Himself Gullible To Al Gores Unsupported Climate Shilling "IndyWatch Feed National"

Joe Nickell is a prominent paranormal investigator who is respected and admired by skeptics. So its odd to find a prominent skeptic being so credulous of a politician in his response to Al Gores global warming documentaries.

His review opens with a stunning exposure of Nickells bias: Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth (2006)his powerful documentary on global warmingjustly helped earn him the Nobel Peace Prize of 2007. But of course everyone has a bias. What is truly astounding is Nickells complete lack of skepticism over Gores PowerPoint presentations.

No one, least of all a skeptic, should be able to be persuaded by Gore alone on this issue. The former VP fails basic credibility tests: hes not an expert in the subject, nor is he an expert in a related field; he is hysterical, the issue seems highly emotional for him, which is likely to cloud his judgment; and he benefits personally from promoting his views on climate change.

Nickell should approach Gore with the same level of credulity he approaches an alleged haunting, UFO sighting, or really any claim that can be answered scientifically. But it seems that he is a selective skeptic. About things that dont really matter, like ghosts, he goes to great pains to disprove. But the importance of the nebulous, non-binding Paris Accord, that hes willing to take on the word of a shill.

Appeals to Authority Instead of to Data

The only rational way to explain this sort of credulity is scientism. Global warming always prompts the same prime argument from the Left: There is a vast scientific consensus. Real data is rarely presented or explained. The main support for their claims is just an appeal to authority. The authority being appealed to is a relevant authority, so its not formally fallacious, but its also not persuasive to actual skeptics.

Actual skepticism is not based in the epistemology of scientism but logic, consistency, and evidence. Science uses these tools. Scientism treats scientists like inerrant bishops.

The only thing Nickell writes that remotely resembles a piece of data is Gore stresses that, of the planets fifteen hottest years recorded, fourteen have occurred since 2001! Sounds like pretty good evidence for climate change that contemporary human activity would almost certainly be responsible for. But its a bit more complicated than that.

Nickell, the skeptic, claims that 14 of the 15 hottest years in the planets history occurred in the last 16 years. And Nickell almost assuredly believes that the earth is more than 4 billion years old. Thats the standard skeptical scientific consensus about how old the earth is. But scientists have only collected about 150 years o...


Australia offers to train Philippine troops in IS fight "IndyWatch Feed National"


AFP/File | Philippine Marines taking cover from sniper fire while on patrol at the frontline in Marawi on the southern island of Mindanao

SYDNEY (AFP)  Australia Tuesday offered to help train the Philippines military to tackle Islamic militants terrorising parts of the country, calling the threat deeply concerning.Philippine forces have been besieging militants in the southern city of Marawi for almost 100 days. But the gunmen, flying the Islamic State groups black flag, have defied military assaults including airstrikes and artillery barrages.

Australia, which has an extensive defence cooperation program with Manila, has already deployed two high-tech AP-3C Orion aircraft for surveillance, and is keen to provide further help.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she recently spoke to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who wanted to bolster resources for his armed forces.

We would be ready to support the Philippines in the same way we are supporting Iraq in advising, assisting and training, she said.

We indicated what we have been doing in Iraq. I went through with the president in some detail the support we have given in Iraq, that does not include troops on the ground. That is advising and assisting.

Australia is part of the coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, with 780 defence personnel based in the Middle East.

Bishop said it was deeply concerning for the entire Asian region that Islamic State had a presence in the southern Philippines, with the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia also offering support.

Duterte declared martial law across Mindanao island, home to 20 million people, on May 23 immediately after fighters flying the IS flag rampaged through Marawi.

Their assault on the city ignited an unprecedented urban war, which Duterte has warned is part of an IS campaign to establish a base in Mindanao.


PKK confirms capture of two Turkish spies in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bagdhad (MEE Capture of two MIT operatives led to the expulsion of Iraqi Kurdish official from Ankara on Friday.

The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on Monday publicly confirmed the capture of two Turkish secret service officers in Iraq last week.

Diyar Xerib, a leading member of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) a PKK-affiliated transnational body told a local news channel in Iraq that they had captured the National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) officers, but were not divulging their identities yet.

Turkey should be glad we havent shown the people we captured in the media yet, he told the Rojnews channel.

We could just parade them to the press now and publish their names.

Related: Iraqi Kurdish Independence Referendum A US Plot: IRGC General

The incident caused a furore last week according to reports by the NRT news channel, the two MIT officers had been staying in the city of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan and had been planning to assassinate a senior PKK leader.

Turkey and the PKK have been engaged in a decades long guerilla war which has seen more than 40,000 killed. Throughout, the PKK have maintained headquarters in the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq, which has regularly been the target of Turkish military operations.

However, the MIT operation in Sulemaniyah appears to have been botched, with reports on Friday alleging the officials had instead been captured.

The controversy led to Turkey to expel Behroz Galali, the Ankara representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), a centre-left Iraqi Kurdish party whose stronghold is in Sulaymaniyah.

Although the PUK are seen as being somewhat closer to the PKK than Iraqi Kurdistans ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Xerib said that there was some confusion as to why they had been implicated.

Many people are asking why Turkey did such a thing, he said. They question the reasons behind itthese questions need to be answered and the issue needs to be brought into light.

He also scolded the PUK for appearing to place the blame for the controversy on the PKK and warned them against becoming an operational force of the Turkish state.

The PKK could put these MIT operatives who wanted to turn Sulaymaniyah into a city of chaos and the center of terror attacks against PKK administrators in front of the...


Trump Continues Invasions that Can"t Succeed "IndyWatch Feed National"

...Outside of the United States, the truth about this particular matter is widely known: the only international poll that has ever been done on the question Which country is the biggest threat to peace? found that by an overwhelming margin, people around the world (but not in the United States) volunteered United States as the answer. 67,806 respondents were interviewed on that, from 65 countries. The poll was by WIN/Gallup, using scientifically random samples in each one of the 65 countries


Labor Are Socialists, And Other Ridiculous Theories From Desperate Liberals "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Coalitions latest attack on Labors socialism would be funny, if it wasnt so desperate, writes Ben Eltham.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann gave a speech to the Sydney Institute last week. Its fair to say it wasnt one of his best efforts.

Of course, politicians pontificating is scarcely news. But every so often, they give a speech that transcends the moment and betrays something important about their state of mind.

Joe Hockeys infamous speech about the end of the age of entitlement in London in April 2014 provided plenty of headlines. But it was also notable for the insight it gave into his desire to slash and burn Australias social safety net.

After his 2014 budget was handed down a month later, it was a desire that would help destroy Tony Abbotts prime ministership and Hockeys own political career.

Cormanns speech is similarly revealing. It shows us that the Coalition are worried about Labors policy initiative on inequality. Very worried indeed.

Cormanns speech was entitled The Politics of Opportunity versus the Politics of Envy, and there are no prizes for guessing which party represents which.

Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann, during a 2014 appearance on Sky News in Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann, during a 2014 appearance on Sky News in

Bill Shorten wants to stoke grievance and resentment with sneering attacks on millionaires, Cormann claimed. And in his pursuit of his personal ambition he has even been prepared to trash the legacy of Hawke and Keating, taking Labor back to its failed socialist roots.

The Berlin Wall came down 28 years ago, Cormann informed the well-heeled audience at the Sydney Institute, which means roughly 18 per cent of Australians enrolled to vote were born after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the failure of a system of Government that destroyed the economies of Eastern Europe.

Even for a Finance Minister understandably agitated at the current state of the governments polling figures, this latest attack is pushing the boundaries of everyday reality.

If only younger Australians remembered the Cold War, Cormann was saying, theyd realise Labor are a bunch of socialists! Oh no!

To call the 2017 ALP of Bill Shorten socialists is to twist the meaning of the word beyond any sensible or historic standard of meaning.

Throughout its 120 year history, the Australian Labor Party has been m...


Trans-Pacific Partnership countries consider amendments to stalled trade deal 11 TPP countries still committed and awaiting the U.S. Vietnam making reforms "IndyWatch Feed National"


SYDNEY (Reuters) The 11 countries committed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership are considering amendments to the trade deal, three sources said on Tuesday, as officials meet in Sydney for talks to re-energize the stalled agreement.

Among the areas being discussed, Vietnam has raised the prospect of changes to labor rights and intellectual property (IP) provisions in the original pact, one source familiar with the talks told Reuters.

Vietnam had been one of the countries expected to enjoy the biggest economic benefits from TPP through greater access to U.S. markets.

Image may contain: 2 people

Vietnams Minister of Trade and Industry Tran Tuan Anh held a TPP conference on the sideline of an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Hanoi on May 21, 2017. Credit HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images

However, the original 12-member TPP, which aims to cut trade barriers in some of Asias fastest-growing economies, was thrown into limbo in January when U.S. President Trump withdrew from the agreement.

Trumps move fulfilled a campaign pledge to put America first a policy that aimed to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Although the remaining members have publicly said they remain committed to the deal, implementation of the agreement linking 11 countries with a combined GDP of $12.4 trillion has stalled raising fears that other countries will follow the U.S. lead and withdraw.

Eager to keep all members onboard, representatives from the remaining countries are considering changes to the original TPP deal, three sources familiar with the talks said.

Were all open to evaluating what we can do and what viable alternatives there may be, Edgar Vasquez, Perus deputy trade minister, told Reuters.

Delegates participate in the opening session of the Trans Pacific Partnership senior leaders meeting in Sydney, Australia August 28, 2017. Jason Reed

While no agreement is expected at the end of the three-day meeting, Vietnams desire to shelve the IP provisions around pharmaceutical data is likely to win broad support, with Japanese and New Zealand officials also indicating their support for the change, two other sources said.

The original TPP agreement was seen as particularly onerous on Vietnam, which be forced to make significant reforms, analysts said.



Were hiring for our Sydney office - Help us defend democratic freedoms "IndyWatch Feed National"

We have two exciting opportunities to join the Human Rights Law Centre team in Sydney to focus on our work defending democratic freedoms.

Our democratic freedom work is both responsive and agenda-setting. Currently it focuses on:

  • Promoting free-speech and assembly rights and challenging excessive anti-protest laws
  • Defending the rule of law and the institutions that protect and promote human rights
  • Promoting press freedom and whistleblower protections
  • Protecting the ability of civil society organisation to speak out and engage in public debate

We are recruiting for a Director of Legal Advocacy to lead this work and to work across other impact areas. The position will be based in Sydney and will be for a 12 months fixed term period, but subject to funding, it might be extended.

Download a copy of the recruitment pack for the Director position here.

Were also looking for a Lawyer. This position is ongoing and is aimed at lawyers with more than 2 years post-admission legal practical experience and will be based in Sydney.

Download a copy of the recruitment pack for the Lawyer position here

The closing date for applications for both positions is Friday 15 September 2017.


Why Getting Your Hands Dirty Could Improve Your Mental Health "IndyWatch Feed National"

The science shows that time spent in nature (and the garden!) is good for your mental health. Rhanee Rego explains.

There are myriad reasons why our lives are becoming more sedentary, but a strong contributing factor is the (often totalising) role of work in our daily lives. This is compounded by the increasing prevalence of physically inactive office-based roles.

But what impact does this have on our mental health?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that 45 per cent of Australians aged from 16 to 85 years have suffered from mental health conditions at some point in their lives.


Despite the advent of advanced and effective pharmaceutical treatments to alleviate mental health conditions, there is increasing recognition of the parallel benefits offered by natural therapeutic remedies. Much can be said for the effectiveness of exercise, herbal supplements such as St Johns Wart, or simply obtaining more sunshine.

Often overlooked, however, is the benefit offered by gardening.

A study published in Neuroscience has addressed this question by looking at soil composition. It found that exposure to a soil-based bacterium, specifically, Mycobacterium vaccae, has been linked to an increase in happiness, emulating the effects of anti-depressant medication. These microscopic bacteria have been found to encourage the production of serotonin, a naturally occurring chemical in the body that generates happiness. Interestingly, this natural mood lifter is said to have none of the side effects that are often connected with pharmaceutical treatments.

The Chinese Gardens, in Sydney's inner city Darling Harbour district.The Chinese Gardens, in Sydneys inner city Darling Harbour district.

If you need any further reason to get into the garden,...


Senegalese miracle grain could see Sahel prosper "IndyWatch Feed National"


AFP/File / by Fran BLANDY | Fonio is a type of millet, a seeded grass which is a key staple in Africa

ARUSHA (TANZANIA) (AFP)  A Senegalese chef is one step closer to turning an ancient grain found in his country gluten-free and bursting with nutrients and amino acids into the next trendy superfood.

Pierre Thiam, one of Africas best-known chefs, told the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania on Monday night of his dream to see fonio turn around the fortunes of the arid Sahel region which stretches just south of the Sahara.

The grain is a nutty-tasting cross between couscous and quinoa which has been cultivated on the continent for some 5,000 years.

 Image result for Sahel, africa, map

Thiam said he stumbled across it several years ago in south-eastern Senegal while doing research for a cookbook.

He discovered it was once so popular it was found in Egyptian tombs, accompanying people to the afterlife, and that Malis ethnic Dogon people believe the entire universe sprung from a grain of fonio.

Now however, it is only produced in the western part of the Sahel in places like Kedougou, one of the poorest regions of Senegal.

Desertification and lack of job prospects means much of the youth have left, they choose the deadly path of migration in search of better opportunities, said Thiam

This is the reality of Kedougou and much of the Sahel today. A scary future, scarce food and no opportunities to change their situation.

Thrives in harsh environment

Fonio cultivation is great for the environment, says Thiam.

It tolerates poor soil and needs very little water. It thrives where nothing else will grow.

And with the developed worlds multi-billion-dollar gluten-free industry and its obsession with superfoods and healthy eating, Thiam wonders if bringing fonio to the rest of the world could be the answer.

Last year he secured a commitment from US health food giant Whole Foods to carry the grain, with fonio appearing on New York shelves in July.

However fonio is extremely laborious to husk, pound and turn into food, and having the grain readily available at a consistent quality for commercial users remains....


How The ABS Unemployment Figures Fool Conservatives And Progressives Alike "IndyWatch Feed National"

The never-ending debate on Australias labour market is being conducted in the absence of reality and real figures, writes Jeremy Poxon from the Australian Unemployed Workers Union.

Like clockwork, each month, packs of journalists, business leaders and politicians deliver their take on what the ABS official monthly unemployment rate tells us about the health of the labour market and job creation programs, largely from their (self-interested) vantage points.

Taking a cursory look at the latest ABS stats, youd think our labour market was performing well with the official unemployment rate dropping down from 5.9% at the start of the year to now around 5.6%. For most pollies and pundits, these superficial dents are cause for celebratory back-patting about how well our economy is functioning and how many jobs its creating.

However, for many Australian jobseekers and marginally attached workers, like myself, the official monthly unemployment figures feel farcically inept at characterising how challenging it is to secure consistent work right now. We know, far more keenly than our experts, that its simply not accurate that 5.6% of us who want a full-time job dont have one. Instead, this unemployment measure, first established in the 1960s, has failed to catch up to the severe structural changes in our labour market.

Fact is, the unemployment rate was developed in an era when full-time male breadwinners served as the basis of the labour market. This makes the reality that politicians and the media still lean on it so wholly and heavily quite staggering.


Over the last few decades, the labour market has radically transformed and casualised: underemployment has ballooned as a critical labour category, as well as what the ABS calls hidden unemployment. Yet, proper understanding and recognition of these groups is missing from public debate and policy-making, because it is not explicitly captured by the official (and somewhat anachronistic) unemployment rate.

As a general rule, the more you broaden the ABS measures to include groups of people who just didnt exist in...


Another novel park for the crap ride share bikes littering the streets of Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed National"

From a mate of mine in Melbourne just now: Outside the office today. Another novel park for these crap ride share bikes littering the streets of Melbourne. Time to move em on Lord Mayor.


Peace-Development-Environment: Integrated? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

28 August 2017  TRANSCEND Media Service  These are the goals of the United Nations; the Hardanger Academy in little Jondal, Norway (population ca.1150) made them three foci. The problem arose: what do they have in common? Are they three aspects of the same thing? If so, what is that thing?


Johan Galtung

Four ways of trying to answer have been identified and explored. Four because of four ways of approaching social reality, through:

  • actors, with intentions-capabilities-contexts, with their needs;
  • culture, defining the true-good-right-beautiful-sacred;
  • structure, the patterns of individual and collective interaction;
  • nature, evolving to higher complexity, with diversity and symbiosis.

All four have surface and deeper aspects. The surface aspects are conscious, can be articulated and communicated. The deeper aspects are repressed into the subconscious as inconvenient, too obvious or simply unknown. They can be conscientized (Freire), or simply b...


Police report on the Boyup Brook encounter, uncovered "IndyWatch Feed National"


On 30 October 1967, an intriguing encounter happened near Boyup Brook, Western Australia. 

The story broke in the Wednesday 1 November 1967 edition of 'The West Australian' newspaper. According to the newspaper, the sole witness reported the incident to a constable L Johnson of the Boyup Brook police station.

I had always wondered what happened to the police report of the event? No one I knew of, had ever seen it, or had a copy of it.  A couple of years ago, I thought that I might have located the report, when a Western Australian Police Department file, number 64/2885 was found, titled 'Unidentified Flying Objects.' However, the file contained only 56 pages, despite the file's folio numbering system indicating that there had been 148 pages on the file. It turned out that there seemed to be missing folios, numbered 32-122, covering the years 1955-1969. So, no luck in locating papers dealing with a 1967 incident.

An image of the file cover.


Fast forward to mid-August this year, when US researcher and historian Barry Greenwood of Boston, visited the archives of the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, in Chicago. One of his aims was to search for Australian material, which had not been seen for years, if ever, by most Australian researchers. Barry located the long missing Western Australian Police Department report on the Boyup Brook incident. Many thanks to Barry for sharing this find with me.


US Army will make lighter and more comfortable bulletproof clothing from synthetic spider silk "IndyWatch Feed National"

This means that we are close to a retail deliverable.   This can be in the form of a light windbreaker and a full head hood as well.  My point is that such a fabric will stop ordinary fire arms well enough to make an actual kill difficult.  Damage still must occur but actual penetration can be made rare.
The best answer to gang violence is to have a popular protection that easily allows the victim to then either run or actually respond.  This will do it.
Such a thin fiber can also be blended into the shell of a car as well and perhaps even into the auto glass sandwich itself.. 

all good.
US Army will make lighter and more comfortable bulletproof clothing from synthetic spider silk

brian wang | August 10, 2017 |

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, the leading developer of spider silk based fibers, announced that the U.S. Army awarded the optional phase of its contract with the Company valued at more than $900,000. Under this exercised option, the Company will work to design, produce, and deliver additional recombinant spider silk materials tailored for the protective needs of our Soldiers. With this additional award the total contract is now valued at more than $1.0 million.

Genetically modified spider silk could be used to make more protective armor and underwear for soldiers. Spider silk isnt as strong as Kevlar, its more flexible.

In 2014, there were several efforts working towards synthetic spider....


Europeans, Africans Agree Renewed Push to Tackle Migrant Crisis Message seems to be you just cant go to where the money is. African leaders will have to govern and do most of the work "IndyWatch Feed National"

PARIS Europes big four continental powers and three African states agreed a plan on Monday to tackle illegal human trafficking and support nations struggling to contain the flow of people across the desert and Mediterranean sea.

The 28-nation European Union has long struggled to reach a coherent answer to the influx of migrants fleeing war, poverty and political upheaval in the Middle East and Africa, and the crisis is testing cooperation between member states.

After hosting the leaders of Germany, Italy, Spain, Chad, Niger and Libya, French President Emmanuel Macron said it was time for greater coordination.

We must all act together from the source countries to Europe and passing by the transit countries, especially Libya to be efficient, he told reporters. Its a challenge as much for the EU as for the African Union.

Leaders at the Paris summit will focus on the central Mediterranean route [Thibault Camus/Reuters]

While the meeting was sparse on concrete details, the leaders agreed on the principle of setting up a mechanism to identify legitimate migrants who are fleeing war and persecution, and to use the United Nations to register them in Niger and Chad so as to prevent them being exploited by traffickers.

At the core of it, its all about fighting illegal migration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference.

She said that Berlin was willing to increase its efforts.

If we want to stop human traffickers, then this can only be achieved through d...


Rohingya men answer call to arms against Myanmars forces Freedom fighters called terrorists by Myanmar "IndyWatch Feed National"


AFP / by Sam JAHAN | Ayesha Begum joined the exodus of Rohingya fleeing troubled Rakhine state in recent days as fresh violence erupted between Myanmars security forces and militants fighting for the stateless Muslim minority

COXS BAZAR (BANGLADESH) (AFP)  Heavily pregnant and confined to a squalid Bangladeshi refugee camp, Ayesha Begum does not regret that her husband will miss the imminent birth of their sixth child as he fights alongside Rohingya militants in Myanmar.Begum, 25, joined the exodus of Rohingya fleeing troubled Rakhine State in recent days as fresh violence erupted between Myanmars security forces and militants fighting for the stateless Muslim minority.

But like many, her husband stayed behind in Myanmar to join the growing ranks of Rohingya men answering the call to arms against security forces, say relatives and community leaders.

He took us to the river and sent us across, Begum told AFP in Kutupalong camp, describing crossing the Naf River by boat with her children into Bangladesh.

He bid us farewell, saying if I live hed see us soon in a free Arakan (Rakhine state), or else well meet in heaven, she added, breaking down in tears.

The Rohingya largely averred violence despite years of suffocating restrictions and persecution.

That dramatically changed last October when a nascent Rohingya militant group launched surprise attacks on border posts.

Myanmars military reacted with a violent clearance operation to sweep out the militants. The UN says that crackdown could have amounted to ethnic cleansing.

Despite the sweeps, violence continued as remote villages were hit by near-daily killings of perceived state collaborators attributed to operatives of the Arakan Rohingya Solidarity Army (ARSA).

The militants struck again on a large scale on Friday, with scores attacking around 30 police posts in pre-dawn raids, killing at least a dozen security forces using knives, homemade explosives and some guns.

This time the security response has seen more than 100 people, including some 80 militants, confirmed killed and prodded thousands of Rohingya civilians to dash for Bangladesh.

But the country, which already hosts tens of thousands of refugees from the Muslim minority in the Coxs Bazar area, has refused entry to any more.

Those unable to sneak in are stranded....


Harvard is Offering An Online Course About Buddhism That You Can Take Now For Free "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is a growing awareness of the self and consciousness all over the world. Buddhism is not a religion; its a way of life and now you can learn all about it for free.

Many people around the world are figuring out the real powers of their consciousness. More and more people are seeking out alternative medicinal treatment and natural lifestyle changes to make life better for themselves, as well as the people around them. Buddhism is simply a practice that enables you to fully embrace the power of your conscious self and include it all throughout your daily life. Its a peaceful way to approach life and brings about many benefits. However, not everyone is as familiar with it as theyd like.

Most of us dont have the money to drop on a college course about Buddhism, however, there might be another way! Harvard is now providing an online course for Buddhism that anyone can take and its free! What are you waiting for? Youre an online course away from being a monk. Okay, maybe its not that deep. However, it will teach you how to apply Buddhism to your busy life. 

The course is titled Buddhism Through Its Scriptures, and it can be completed in just 4 weeks! The introduction course was created to fit the needs of a young novice as well as a more seasoned practitioner of Buddhism. Not to mention the fact that it can be done with only 6-10 hours per week! While it is no longer interactive, all of its rich lecture and supplemental materials are available for your benefit! This could be a huge intellectual gain.

The course is taught by Professor Charles Hallisey from Harvards divinity schoolThe professor says he hopes the course will reach people of diverse backgrounds in order to interact constructively around topics that too often divide us.

In his syllabus, Hallisey further elaborates on his unique approach to teaching the course on Buddhism, saying:

When we turn to the Buddhist heritages for help in answering some questions that we bring to the study of Buddhist scriptures, we open ourselves to the possibility of not only learning about Buddhism but also learning from Buddhism. This openness to learning from Buddhists is not in the sense of saying that a Buddhis...


Solo Travel Didnt Work For Me, and Thats Okay "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are you finding your way around okay? Make sure you know where to get WiFi when you need to use Google Maps.
Yes Mum.
Are you making friends? Dont be too weird or no one will like you.
Yes Mum.
Are you eating properly? Remember Emily, everything in Japan is sugary and sugar is the devil.
Ok Mum, you need to chill.

Im one of those people who cant really stand to be alone. I hate having the entire house to myself, Im more productive when surrounded by friends and I dread having to go in public without someone anyone by my side. Even so, I see myself as an outgoing and social person and always knew I wanted to give that whole travel alone and find myself thing a crack one day.

As you can imagine, I was a little hesitant to commence my first solo trip. Was I really ready to venture into the world alone? What if I didnt learn anything about myself? How am I going to cope navigating a strange city alone when I cant even buy groceries without someone to help carry the bags to my car? Solo travel has become so heavily romanticised that when I finally plucked up the courage to attempt it myself, I started to feel guilty about wishing I had some friends or family travelling with me.

The internet is host to a plethora of people bragging about how travelling solo is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, as if travelling alongside a friend is a crime. If I had a dollar for every time I saw an article with the whole travelling alone changed my life bullshit, I could afford to buy a house in suburban Sydney.

Why should I feel ashamed about wanting to travel with someone I know? Stories of friends travelling together also exist (shout out to all the lads on tour), but these dont seem to have the same type of hype attached to them. Maybe its because solo travel is seen as courageous and inspiring, whereas travelling with mates is seen as more of a cop out.

The first few days of my solo travelling debut, which took place in Japan, were an exciting blur of visiting tourist hotspots, eating foods I could barely pronounce and trying to remember the new names and faces I encountered. Tokyos perfectly arranged highrises seemed to have their own personalities, each with neon signs flashing in sync with the beat of whatever pop song was blasting inside. Waves of people efficiently flowed through the city, minus the salespeople stationed on street corners. Despite my best efforts, they would still yell at me in Japanese to buy their clothes, eat their noodles or take the company-branded fa...


Who's going to clean your toilet now Donald Trump? No, wait.... Revealing the vileness of The Left. "IndyWatch Feed National"

When #liberals reveal how vile they are and don't even know it. James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 27, 2017


Australian Prime Minister and Wife Tied to Pharma, Pushing Mandatory Vaccination "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Mind Unleashed,
Waking Times

Australias politicians are deeply tied to pharmaceutical corporations, the British Monarchy, and other corporate and institutional powers which threaten the freedom and prosperity of Australian citizens.

One product of this hegemony is Australias No Jab No Pay law, which strips welfare from citizens who refuse vaccination for themselves or their children.

You could say people should just go without government welfare, and thats a good idea for participants in the philosophy of independence from the system (Voluntaryism or Agorism), but the system in Australia has been constructed to make it difficult for anyone who is left out.

They can use this as leverage to cut off other necessities from citizens who refuse vaccination.

Without regard for the world of evidence for why people should not vaccinate, politicians and mainstream media speak of improving vaccination rates.

In its full perspective, No Jab No Pay is an eventuality when you see who holds power in the country. Lets start with the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Hes a multi-millionaire, with a chairman of a pharma corporation (who works with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline) for a wife.

According to Money Morning:

Australias new prime minister is a wealthy man. Last night, much was made of the fact that he...


Trump is He His Own Worst Enemy? "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION: You seem to have given up hope on Trump getting his agenda through Congress. Do you agree that the Trump presidency is a failure?


ANSWER: There is no question that the powers that be are out to stop Trump at all costs. They are indeed winning. But Trump is his own worst enemy. The press know all they have to do is ask him a loaded controversial question that criticizes him and he responds in kind. If he were smart, he would play it like Hillary lie to the press and the public and privately assure everyone thats not her real agenda.

Trump is too honest in that regard and that hands the press all the ammunition to turn every single event into a controversy. I watched the Trump press conference and he said the Wall is needed to stop the drug trade. When CNN ran it on the nightly news, they cut his statement ending it with security, implying the racist issue rather than drugs.

On the Charlottesville  incident, clearly this demonstrates he does not understand how to deal with the press. Yes, there is the issue of both extreme sides rising.  There is no question that the dominant issue was States Rights. However, the white supremacists are not preaching that they are...


Six Rocks Apart, yet two Sides of the Same Story "IndyWatch Feed National"

Six Rocks Apart, yet two Sides of the Same Story

By Steven & Evan Strong

Within this ever-expanding collection of marked and magic rocks there are six rocks which now, and forever more, stand apart from the rest of the ensemble. From the first time the malicious three joined forces, and slightly before that conference, this trio were destined to be kept apart both in storage and during ceremony. There was no other way they could be arranged, but to that tally are three other rocks that would fit in perfectly with the others. Their demeanour and positive energy are welcome additions to the family, but alas this disturbance around the edges has necessitated a relocation for these three very strong mystical rocks. I have assigned them a role that is daunting and eternal, to bring a sense of peace and harmony to their belligerent kin.

Neither set of three is particularly happy about the change in circumstances, but of recent times they are now all but co-joined and will be for some time in the future. How this came about is a journey of small steps, light heads and an elevation of vibrational frequencies. Solely due to what we actually experienced in the changing of the guard, this chapter is certainly not for the mystically squeamish. For those who hold fast to the rational and empirical line may we suggest to look elsewhere and go no further. Often we momentarily lapse into the mystical but return to the straight and narrow soon after, not this time around, we intend to plunge, spirit first, into a deep esoteric well and not come up for air or sanity, but stay submerged.

Dispatching the Mundane

With the occult the principle focus, a few background facts and basic observations will be quickly dispatched with before we throw the anchor away. How these rocks became part of this ensemble, the physical features and their general disposition before and just after arrival will serve our purposes and is a sufficient introduction to the main event.

This all began with one very heavy rock mistakenly claimed by experts to be a stone Saxe. It weighs 4.4 kilograms, measures at its widest margins 20 cms in width by 20 cms in length up to the line where the blade begins to taper 4 cms to the sharpest p...


For Sam and Seven - in memory of The Great Carlos, Richard Carleton and James Randi "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kathy Griffin is "no longer sorry" about THAT Trump controversy via @Yahoo7 Michael Smith News (@mpsmithnews) August 29, 2017


4-year low for new home sales "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Building boom is ending

More evidence that the building boom is coming to an end. 

New home sales are now tracking at their lowest level since August 2013, and are well down from the record highs of 2015. 

Monthly sales dropped by -3.7 per cent in July, following on from a sharp -6.9 per cent drop in the preceding month. 

Source: HIA

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) media release noted that the decline was driven by a big drop in new apartment sales.

There was one "notable exception", being Victoria, where new dwelling sales remained strong in rising +9.8 per cent in the month. 

The HIA expects activity to decline for a number of years, albeit from record high levels.


In SINC with difference: Diversity and Inclusion in Singing Leadership "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Diversity and inclusion must be about understanding your identity and the identities of all people. Only then can we be courageous enough to steer away from like-mindedness through assimilating peoples differences (melting pot) and towards like-mindedness through honoring those differences (mosaic). To do this, initiatives designed for cultural competency arent enough. Diversity and inclusion requires diverse and non-diverse leaders to work together to create a culture that embraces diversity of thought and deploys the required best practices, development tools, and resources to maximize talent engagement, advancement, workplace performance, and overall satisfaction. Glenn Llopis;

An exciting new training program focussed on Diversity and Inclusion in Singing Leadership was rolled out in Melbourne this year to kick against the concept of the cultural melting pot, replacing that sticky, outdated cauldron with shared knowledge, experience and insights that recognise and celebrate the difference we each bring to a situation as individuals in our own right.

Singing for Inclusion (SINC) is the outcome of an inaugural collaboration between Community Music Victoria and Creativity Australia. The two organisations joined forces to train and refresh new and existing community Singing Leaders in how to create genuinely nurturing, safe environments for singing group participants that are inclusive and open to everyone, irrespective of their physical and mental needs or cultural background.

SINC is anti-assimilation and pro positive acknowledgement of visible and invisible difference. The program was conceived to encourage leaders to reflect and consider their perceptions and understandings of the depth and breadth of the meaning of diversity and how to be properly inclusive, a word Sarah Mandie, Diversity Coordinator for CMVic and the SINC Program Manager, believes people use very freely and dont always consider the full implications of what they are offering.

Community Music Victoria has successfully trained and mentored hundreds of Singing Group Leaders across the state through its Victoria Sings program for over a decade. Its focus has consistently been creating a free and fearless space in which participants feel safe to be open with themselves and each other. Through its partnership with CA, CMVic was able to share this experience and knowledge and combine it with observations and learning deri...


StephenJ's Judgement on the practicality of Turnbull's so-called anti-union-corruption legislation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Steve J said... There are basically 2 offences created by the Legislation. They cover both payment and receipt. The overriding requirement of the first offence is that the benefit is provided dishonestly. "536D Giving, receiving or soliciting a corrupting benefit Giving a corrupting benefit (1) A person (the defendant )...


Excessive masturbation is hurting Chinese People's Liberation Army "IndyWatch Feed National"

Excessive masturbation is hurting Chinas military By Lia Eustachewich August 25, 2017 | 10:17am | Updated AP The Chinese military says excessive masturbation and too many video games are among the reasons its physical-test failure rates have reached an alarming high. The Peoples Liberation Army is now dishing out advice...


Remembering Tracey Banivanua Mar "IndyWatch Feed National"

When someone such as Tracey Banivanua Mar leaves a distinct mark on the lives of those around her, we must respond to the values she has left with us. We must, with the levels of energy and commitment she was able to produce, fight for climate justice; for the people of the Pacific, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations in Australia, and for all vulnerable and disadvantaged communities of this planet. Through our own fight for justice we will express our love for Tracey.


Why George Brandis And Sarah Hanson-Youngs Responses To Pauline Hansons Burqa Stunt Were Awful "IndyWatch Feed National"

If youre a Green on the same side of George everyone has a right to be a bigot Brandis, that should be enough to give you pause for thought, writes Michael Brull.

Recently, a group of neo-Nazi thugs terrorised Charlottesville in the USA. When criticising neo-Nazis, no-one argued that this was bad because it might cause Jews or black people to hurt innocent white people. The idea that racism is bad was considered enough.

If Jews are people, and racism against them is wrong, then there is no need to make convoluted and dubious arguments about the dangers of provoking Jews.

Likewise with sexism. Have you ever heard the argument that making offensive remarks about women is bad, because of the possible side effects it may have on men?


The point is straightforward. If you regard a group of people as intrinsically having worth, you dont need to justify treating them with respect. It is enough to note that they have been treated with disrespect. Their dignity is implicit.

In Australia, like other countries, that fundamental premise does not hold in relation to Muslims. It is not enough to suggest that someone has acted in an offensive way towards Muslims. Certain progressive types have decided the best way to counter Islamophobia is to show that actually, Islamophobia is unpatriotic, and doesnt serve our national security interests.

This was how Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young chose to confront Senator Pauline Hanson, in response to Hansons recent decision to wear the burqa to Parliament.

Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, pictured during a recent appearance on Channel 7's Sunrise program.Senator Pauline Hanson and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, pictured during a recent appearance on Channel 7s Sunrise program.

Hanson-Young, invoking the wisdom of organisations like ASIO, said Pauline, I think you need to really reflect on the fact that security experts, foreign policy experts have said that what you did last week will now be used as the recent kind of fodder for promoting extremism. Hanson-Young ramped up the threat from ISIS, saying It is...


In Australian politics any criminal can become an MP "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is truly a politically unique country / continent of this inhabited planet.

A penal colony of the British Empire, where its constitution allows the slave population to have ultimate authority over the people in parliament, where the slaves have chosen not to assert this 'authority', and sit on the couch with beer in hand watching ' da fooody'.

It's also a place where there is a [deliberate by design] sad state of affairs with regards to politics, where (any?) criminal can become a Member of Parliament.

The fact that Roberta Williams (a convicted criminal) has made an announcement that she has the desire to enter politics, and the fact that they will allow her to enter, is proof that literally any criminal can run this country.

Foul mouthed gutter trash Roberta Williams lived like a pig, trashed rented properties, is now in politics.

Your best 'assumption' about Australian politicians is that they are criminals first (you know guilty until proven innocent) and work your way up from there.

Trailer park trash running the country.

Australia the 'lucky' country !!! !!! !!!


Indigenous Australia asks why Queen Elizabeth hasn't had her citizenship questioned | Welcome To Country "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indigenous Australia asks why Queen Elizabeth hasn't had her citizenship questioned | Welcome To Country: It has been well over 100 years since federation but still today, Australia is struggling with an identity crisis. This identity crisis is largely due to the fact that European settlers have tried to hold on to their European roots and traditions while out-rightly refusing to acknowledge, accept or embrace Aboriginal culture. Nowhere is this more obvious than Australias unwillingness to become a republic.


Collingwood Cant Be Racist Because Its Jersey Is Black And White, Claims Pies Troll "IndyWatch Feed National"

Another day, another disgusting chapter in the Australian Football Leagues racist history. Chris Graham explains.

As the racism scandal surrounding Hritier Lumumba continues to grow, his official Facebook page has been swamped by trolls in a frenzy thats reminiscent of the hate directed at Aboriginal star Adam Goodes, when he stood against AFL racism several years ago.

The more things change. although, black men have always had a place in the AFL, provided they know their place, which is to keep their mouths shut.

Last week, Lumumba published this post on his Facebook page, in which he revealed how he was called Chimp by team-mates at Collingwood. The post was the subject of a New Matilda story yesterday, available here.

AFL star Heritier Lumumba, in a screencap[ from a documentary Fair Game set to air on SBS on Sunday September 3.AFL star Heritier Lumumba, in a screencap[ from a documentary Fair Game set to air on SBS on Sunday September 3.At the time of press, almost 600 comments had been added to Lumumbas wall. No prizes for guessing which way some of them went.

The general consensus appears to be that Lumumba (and Adam Goodes, of course, the favoured target of rednecks everywhere) are the ones who are racist, and the victims are actually the long-suffering AFL fans whove had to endure Blacks and Aborigines shooting off at the mouth because they dont know how good theyve got it.

And thats some of the milder stuff. The language is pretty bad, although the spelling and grammar is arguably worse.

Theres this, from Sam Italiano:

You are an absolute fucking idiot. an attention seeking flog. Youre the sort of modern day fuckwit who gets offended walking past a blackboard. You actually took time off to mourn the death of bloke u didnt even fucking know! Youve got issues and u need fucking help Adam goodes. plz. hes finished from football not cause hes black, not cause hes aboriginal but because hes a fkn wanker. The bloke took every opportunity he could to drive a divide between black and white and found every excuse possible to never try and bring the 2 together.. funny how a bloke like Eddie Betts whos copped a lot of racist shit which is terrible, can understand that the stupidity of a couple of people is not reflective of a country of people. Amazing how people can sympathize, respect an...


This is How Smartphones Are Disconnecting Us From Society and What You Can Do About It "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this day and age, there is rarely a time where you can go somewhere without seeing people on their phone or at the very least with their phone in hand. I can even admit that I do it too; every time I am out with friends or family my phone is somewhere where I can see it.

Sure, we still converse and go about the meal as we always have, but smart phones are always right there to be checked any chance that arises. Dont get me wrong, I am guilty of spending far too much time on my iPhone myself. I will be the first to admit that when my phone is not in sight I get nervous, very nervous. Facebook, has even in lots of relationships made the other person into a third wheel.

Lots of us have very unhealthy relationships with our phones whether we notice it or not. Why is it that we prefer spending time on Instagram or playing candy crush to actually talking to the other people in the room with us? Why are our phones so much more important than the other people in our lives?

I have noticed in the relationships of some of my closest friends that they message a lot, but in person, the conversation is very dry. How is it we feel more comfortable saying things through a screen than in person? Yes, I know, so many questions yet no answers.

The truth is there is no easy answer to these questions. The answers vary from person to person, while they are similar they are also all different. Yes, social media or technology, in general, is making us less social in the face-to-face sense while we are talking to one another it is not the same. Using your phone is fine, but once you start spending more time with your screen than you  do your fellow man, there is a problem.

We should be doing what we can to interact with the people around us without our phones. We are wasting our lives posting on Facebook, and we are not enjoying life as it is, for all the simple things that make life worth living. If you are someone who is constantly on your phone try putting it away for dinner. Let your significant other know that they deserve your attention more-so than that rectangular piece of technology. Stay up all night talking one on one, and dont let your phone get in the way of real connections. Everything that you like about your phone will still be there when you pick it back up.

Please, just try and connect more with the people in your life! Let them know that you care about them while you still can, because there is so much more to life than technology.

For some information on this check out the video below. What do you think about this?


Sunrise and Today stage Aboriginal debates without any Aboriginals | Welcome To Country "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sunrise and Today stage Aboriginal debates without any Aboriginals | Welcome To Country: This is something we have become used to as the paternal attitudes of British migrants and their descendants continue to dominate Aboriginal discussions in the media as well as in government. There have been numerous calls for this type of exclusion to change in recent years, so now in 2017, there are simply no excuses as to why we have once again been left out of the conversation which is effectively Apartheid media.

In case youre not up to speed with the latest news in Australia, there has been heated debate surrounding Australias colonial statues. Many of the statues honour British colonial figures who took part or even ordered the killings of Aboriginal people. The debate intensified this weekend after several statues were touched up and spray painted with the protest calls of Change the date & No pride in genocide.


The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and 9/11 "IndyWatch Feed National"

  by Mary W Maxwell, LLB I hold a minority position in regard to the origins of the document known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The majority opinion is that the protocols are minutes of a meeting held in 1897 by members of the then-new Zionist movement. My opinion is that they []


This present study revealed that puerarin might be a novel therapeutic drug for breast cancer treatment. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Aug ;92:429-436. Epub 2017 May 27. PMID: 28558356 Abstract Title:  Puerarin suppresses LPS-induced breast cancer cell migration, invasion and adhesion by blockage NF-B and Erk pathway. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Chronic inflammation is a major risk factor for the development and metastatic progression of breast cancer. Puerarin has long been used as traditional Chinese medicine, which possesses manifold physiological activities, including anti-inflammation and anti-cancer activities. However, its anti-cancer metastasis activity in breast cancer cell inflammation-mediated have not been studied.METHODS: Cell viability was detected with Cell Counting Kit (CCK)-8. Transwell migration and invasion assay were performed to evaluate cell migration and invasion, respectively. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was conducted to analysis the expression of inflammatory factor. In addition, mRNA and protein levels of related cytokines were determined by qRT- PCR assay and western blot analysis, respectively.RESULTS: In this study, puerarin significantly inhibited lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cell migration, invasion and adhesion. The mRNA and protein levels revealed that puerarin treatment effectively negated the expression of CCR7, CXCR4, MMP-2, MMP-9, ICAM and VCAM in LPS- activated MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells. Further, the expression of inflammatory factor TNF- and IL-6 in cell culture supernatant remarkably reduced. Finally, the result indicated that puerarin abrogated the NF-B activation in breast cancer cells stimulated by LPS, which is mediated through inhibition of phosphorylation of p65 and IB. Also, puerarin inhibited phosphorylation of Erkin breast cancer cells LPS-induced.CONCLUSIONS: This present study revealed that puerarin might be a novel therapeutic drug for breast cancer treatment.

read more


So You Really Think Trump Is Not a Racist? "IndyWatch Feed National"

What is your definition of a racist? Sexist? Bigot? Pay close attention to your answer; you might be on the defensive. Exactly; if you don't think Trump is a bigot then you probably are one yourself. Here is the Wikipedia definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.


Zombie TPP without the US even worse for Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

August 29:

Trade negotiators from 11 of the original 12 TPP countries met in Sydney from August 28 for their fourth set of talks to see if the TPP can be revived without the US, aiming to complete talks by November this year. The 11 countries are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo is leading the charge, arguing for endorsement of the TPP with minimum changes to the  text. But this is not in the interest of most Australians.

Strong community opposition to the TPP in the US meant the U.S. Congress did not support it before the election and both main presidential candidates opposed it. Donald Trump only dealt the final blow by withdrawing after the election.  Opposition from a broad range of Australian community groups meant an Australian Senate inquiry refused to endorse the TPP, and the Australian Parliament has not passed the implementing legislation. 

Community groups oppose the TPP because it gives pharmaceutical companies stronger monopolies on costly biologic medicines, delaying the availability of cheaper forms of those medicines. It gives special rights to foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals over changes to domestic laws. It would also restrict future governments from re-regulating essential services like energy or financial services, despite demonstrated market failures, and it would result in more vulnerable temporary migrant workers, without testing if local workers were available. In short, the TPP is a US-driven agenda for greater corporate rights at the expense of peoples rights.

Many of the 11 other governments only agreed to this agenda because the US demanded it in return for access to US markets. They will not give a free ride to the US without that market access. Malaysia...


King Gizzard announce the lineup for Gizzfest 2017 in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Having already announced a killer lineup for their hometown festival, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have just dropped the Gizzfest Sydney lineup and other details on us, and sure enough its another winner.

Along with stalwarts like ORB and The Murlocs, Sydney will cop Japanese guests Kikagaku Maru and U.S. visitors La Luz, plus our new faves Amyl & The Sniffers, Leah Senior, parsnip and The Dandelion and of course King Gizzard themselves will be at the helm.

Gizzfest is all going down on Thursday November 23 at the Big Top at Luna Park Sydney, and the band are really leaning into the carnival theme, letting punters mess around in the carnival grounds when theyre not watching the bands across the festivals three stages.

The lineup isnt quite as huge as the Melbourne edition, but its a tightly-curated assortment of great acts, and youll also be able to ride a bunch of Luna Parks favourite attractions to your hearts content, from the ferris wheel and dodgem cars, to rides like the Wild Mouse and the Tumble Bug just more opportunities to make yourself munt at a festival.

Were still waiting on the Gizzfest lineups for Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle and Byron Bay legs as theyre announced in the coming weeks, all set to take place between November 18 and December 2.

Until then, well have King Gizzards new jazz-influenced album Sketches of East Brunswick on rotation, and be hanging out for their fourth and final LP for 2017.

King Gizzard recently dropped the awesome new video for fan fave Invisible Face

King Gizzards 2017 Gizzfest Sydney

Thursday November 23, 4:45pm 11:30pm
Big Top, Luna Park Sydney (18+)

Tickets on sale now







ORB (Aus)





Strategy change: Qatar's Hassad taking next $80m Australian farm sell down "IndyWatch Feed National"

28 Aug 2017 | AFRHassad Food owned by Qatar's sovereign wealth fund the Qatar Investment Authority is selling another major portion of its Australian farmland portfolio worth about $80 million.


Heres to a cricket legend "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

The Viva Energy Club Legend nominees are rolling in.
One worthy nominee is Ocean Grove legend Craig DArcy.
As an administrator, player and junior coach Craig has contributed much to the Ocean Grove Cricket Club for almost 40 years.
Regarded as a generous and hardworking person, Doggy has freely given his time for the betterment of the club. Craig has played in over 400 games for the OGCC, captained all grades, is the clubs highest run scorer, won 16 batting averages and played in six premierships.
His playing record only tells a small part of his story.
As an administrator and junior coach he has helped to shape the club.
For 35 years Craig coached at all junior levels from under-12 through to under-17. He has been Milo In2 Cricket co-ordinator for 10 years and club junior co-ordinator for 11 years.
Its fair to say he has shaped many a good cricketer through this time.
Craig has spent time as club president for seven years; secretary nine years; treasurer nine years as well as about 20 years of Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association administrative work.
Craig is a life-member of the Ocean Grove Cricket Club and the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association. The OGCC club champion award is named after him as well as a section of the Geelong Junior Cricket Associations under-15 competition.
Together with his wife Kay he helps out in the club kitchen every Thursday night during the season, helps run the bar and is constantly available for any job or to help anyone.
Craig DArcy is a true Viva Energy Geelong Refinery Club Legend.

Nominate an unsung hero at your sporting club by going to
The winner could win $5000 for themselves and the same for their club. Applications close 10 September.

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Mercer death rocks surf lifesaving family "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Qld Surf LIfe Saving fraternity has been shocked by the weekend death of Dean Mercer, pictured here winning the second Ironman quarter final at the NRMA Insurance Australian Surf life saving titles on the Gold Coast today. (AAP Image/Australian Surf Life Saving)

The Qld Surf LIfe Saving fraternity has been shocked by the weekend death of Dean Mercer, pictured here winning the second Ironman quarter final at the NRMA Insurance Australian Surf life saving titles on the Gold Coast in 2004. (AAP Image/Australian Surf Life Saving)


Surf Life Saving Queensland says it will provide counselling to shocked members of its community following the death of former national Ironman champion Dean Mercer.

The popular 47-year-old father of four died on Monday after suffering a heart attack while driving to get his family groceries on the Gold Coast.

His wife Reen had to break the devastating news to Mercers four sons aged 13 to 6 after he was declared dead at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Mercer and his older brother Darren were synonymous with surf life saving through the 1980s, 90s and 2000s, while niece Jordan is the current national Ironwoman surf series champion.

Surf Life Saving Queensland sports manager Stuart Hogben said while the priority was to help Mercers wife and sons, the Mercer name touched many in the surf life saving community.

Darrens the coach up at Noosa and also Jordie  a high-profile competitor up there  as a family unit up there theyll be trying to cope with this on the Sunshine Coast, he said on Monday.

The competitors and athletes that hes raced against over many years hes raced for that many years, the different calibre of athletes hes raced against have been some of the best this country has ever seen.

The Mercer family described Dean as a loving husband and devoted father.

Dean was an amazing husband and loving father who loved nothing more than sharing his and Reens love of life and love of the surf, they said in a statement.

He will go down in history as one of Australias greatest ironmen who represented both NSW and Queensland and...


Video: Bernie Sanders supports raising minimum wage and strong unions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Labor Day will take place in the United States on 4 September in 2017. It was born, following the killing of workers by the army during the Pullman Strike of 1894 in Chicago and commemorated every year, on the first Tuesday of September. Labor Day is also a national public holiday.

Today, there is a major campaign to lift the minimum wage to $15 an hour and Bernie Sanders has given his support for raising further this campaign in the lead up this years event.

Video from Fight for $15


Bernie's for $15. Are YOU?

Bernie is in! He's joining us to Fight for $15 and #union rights for all workers on Labor Day! RSVP TODAY, stand with Bernie Sanders and the #FightFor15 :

Posted by Fight for $15 on Friday, August 25, 2017






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Rhianna Patrick:I cant explain how excited I was when Doctor Who got a black companion "IndyWatch Feed National"

I cant explain how excited I was when Freema Agyeman was announced as the Doctors first black companion, Martha Jones, in the shows then 43-year history (and now Pearl Mackie has joined that club). Photograph: Supplied. Share this Post I cant remember a time when I wasnt a Whovian. Even when the original series of Doctor Who came to an ...


Joyce would win by-election, claims PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and four senators will face the High Court in October. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and four senators will face the High Court in October. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is confident his government will survive the citizenship crisis engulfing federal politics most notably, the deputy prime minister.

Barnaby Joyce and four senators have been referred to the High Court amid concerns they could be in breach of the constitution for being dual citizens.

The matter is set for a three-day hearing in Canberra from October 10.

Mr Joyce revealed a fortnight ago he was a citizen of New Zealand by descent, but the government has advice this isnt enough to unseat him.

Mr Turnbull said if the High Court ruled him ineligible, that would not mean the end of his government.

The answer is no, he told ABCs 7.30 program on Monday night.

If there were a by-election in the seat of New England, Barnaby Joyce would be returned.

He reiterated that he was very confident the court will find that Mr Joyce is qualified to sit in the House of Representatives.

Mr Turnbull holds a wafer-thin one-seat majority in the lower house.

He added that he was very confident he will win the next election, despite having lost 18 Newspolls in a row.

Mr Turnbull used the fact the coalition had lost 30 consecutive Newspolls as a rationale for challenging Tony Abbott for the leadership in 2015.

Im very confident we will win the next election, he said.

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Jayde Geia: Lets carry on Mabos legacy "IndyWatch Feed National"

The 10 year legal battle preceding the Mabo decision demonstrated resilience by the plaintiffs and the importance of not accepting injustices, even where those injustices are enforced by law.Photograph: Supplied Share this Post Twenty-five years after the historical high court decision, the Mabo legacy continues to inspire and influence the nation. On Monday, the Mabo oration presented by the anti-discrimination ...


Lung cancer treatment needs rethink "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lung cancer treatment in Australia is no longer world's best practice. File photo

Lung cancer treatment in Australia is no longer worlds best practice. File photo


Australians with advanced lung cancer die significantly sooner compared with patients in Taiwan, according to new international research.

Medical oncologist Dr Say Liang Ng says the research, published in the European Journal of Cancer Care, highlights the limitations of chemotherapy as a frontline defence against the countrys leading cancer killer.

Its time to rethink the chemotherapy-first approach, Dr Ng said.

Researchers looked at lung cancer survival rates among patients in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Korea.

The study, sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co, analysed the outcomes of more than 1200 patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

Survival outcomes in Australia were comparable with that of patients from Europe but there was a distinct difference when compared with Taiwanese patients, Dr Ng said.

Patients in Australia survived an average of 19.6 months after diagnosis. In Taiwan, patients lived more than twice as long (41.3 months), according to the research.

Dr Ng said the better survival rates in Taiwan were due to more patients being treated with newer immunotherapy treatments that target a molecular mutation within lung cancer which is more common in the Asian population.

In July, immunotherapy drug Opdivo was listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, giving Australians battling advanced lung and renal cancer affordable access to it.

The move was welcomed by Lung Foundation Australia, which said it would help prolong the lives of many battling the disease.

But with an estimated 9000 people to die of lung cancer in 2017, Dr Ng wants to see more immunotherapies become available in Australia.

Dr Ng said the more of these treatments were listed on the PBS, the bette...


Adani gives the green light for the Carmichael mine "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Queensland

Mining mogul Gautam Adanis operation in Australia has announced that the expansion of the Carmichael coal mine will begin in October and in full production be in place by March 2020.

The news comes from a company statement issued on 27 August.

Up till now there has been considerable uncertainty, due to difficulty in securing funding from financial institutions.

Adanis Australian head, Jeyakumar Janakaraj, said that Charters Towers-based civil contracting firm GA Services would be among the first regional contractors to benefit from the start of works. The company has been contracted to refurbish the companys existing exploration camp accommodation.

The decision to move ahead with the mine is significant and likely to have been influenced by the $1 billion concessional loan offered by the federal government. While this has not been officially secured yet, the high level of government support is clear, regardless of widespread community opposition and a significant environmental threat, especially to the Great Barrier Reef. Critics say the project will add to the threat of global warming.

The announcement comes after the Federal Court dismissed last Friday, of two legal bids to stop the mine from going ahead, lodged by the Australian Conservation Foundation and traditional landowner Adrian Burragubba.

The battle being waged by opponents of Carmichael is far from over yet. It has merely entered a new phase and the standoff will continue.

Considerable doubt remains over the real plans of the Adani group and whether Carmichael will primarily be used to siphon funds offshore, rather than maintain the operation for the longer term.

Further funding form financial institutions has not yet been secured, as banks reel in the face mounting public pressure. It is likely that the announcement has been engineered in part to break the current deadlock.

In the public eye, the whole affair smacks of a deal for mates and widespread political corruption, involving gifts and junkets to political figures. The lack of proper procedures and oversight has been a scandal.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Defenders Office said it would continue to examine the lawfulness of the mine.


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SSCS Abandons Japanese Whaling "IndyWatch Feed National"

I was surprised to hear Sea Shepherd announce their withdrawal from the battle to stop Japanese whaling. It takes deep pockets and driven volunteers to venture to Antarctica, and frankly, there are few organizations capable of making the commitment. To put it in perspective, the MY Bob Barker alone burns around half a million dollars worth of fuel in a single campaign. On top of that you have multiple vessels, food, logistics, salaries, internet So many expenses. A full campaign costs millions.

Japanese vessel Nisshin Maru processing whales in Antarctica

Japanese vessel Nisshin Maru processing whales in Antarctica

Never-the-less, whaling was the flagship issue for Sea Shepherd It gave them profile and notoriety with their successful TV show Whale Wars, and has raised them tens of millions of dollars. Every year the call was made for more vessels to complete the job, pushing their fleet into double figures. Sadly now, it seems the Japanese will have free rein to hunt whales.

A few years ago the Ninth circuit court in the US ruled against Sea Shepherd, forcing them to hand over US$2.5m to the Japanese whalers. Judges were clear in their ruling If Sea Shepherd disrupted the Japanese again, they would face substantially larger fines, potentially crippling the organization. Concurrently with this, Sea Shepherd lost its charity status in Australia, hindering fundraising efforts.

I remember thinking at the time what options did Sea Shepherd have?
1) They could abandon the campaign and focus on other issues.
2) They could continue the campaign and try to defend their action again in the courts, although having already lost once in the Ninth Circuit on appeal, this would be high-risk.
3) They could run pretend campaigns
4) They could focus on media and diplomacy

Since that ruling, Sea Shepherd has ventured to Antarctica several times but failed to engage the fleet, aside from a few fleeting images from their helicopter. In each case, Japan has come away with their self-imposed quota of 333 whales, and have probably been happy with the results.

I spoke to a Japanese Journalist last night about this and he said while confrontations continued in Antarctica, it is hard to see the Japanese ever stopping whaling without losing face. For some Japanese, it has become an issue of pride. With this recent announcement, he felt that it might be possible for the Japanese to withdraw gracefully. Im not convinced, but I hope hes correct.

Many years ago Greenpeace had co...


Medical Witch Hunt Kicks off in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Global Freedom Movement

Dr John Piesse Says His Piece This week mainstream media (MSM) outlets have been positively frothing over the saga of Doctor John Piesse (pronounced Peace), a renegade doctor and medical heretic with subversive holistic tendencies and apparent critical thinking capacity1.

The disdain is palpable.

Dr John Piesse came to the attention of the medical establishment (a.k.a. the Church of Modern Medicine) last year, and has found himself on their radar once more recently, apparently as a result of participating in a Q&A session at a VAXXED screening in Hawthorne, Melbourne. Here, according to the impression generated by some mainstream outlets, Piesse spoke of assisting families to avoid compulsory vaccination (what TV news reports have omitted is that Piesse and other doctors have been legally providing medical exemptions). This time it looks like the Church of Modern Medicine fully intends to get their man by any means necessary, using the media to justify its inquisitorial actions against him as well as make an example of him.

But wait.

Watching the VAXXED Q&A footage that seems to have incriminated Piesse, and which seems to be so crucial to the MSM in fuelling this trumped up controversy, one notes that around the 50 minute mark of the video, Piesses colleague, naturopathic physician Nerida James, speaks of her natural healing centre where Dr Piesse works, while Piesse is to be seen standing against the wall nearby. Ten minutes later Piesse speaks briefly on the issue of medical exemptions for no jab no play and its no pay cousin.

Regardless of how long any authorities or vaccine zealots may claim Piesse spoke for at the VAXXED screening, in reality it was a mere 2 minutes and 3 seconds. Not 5 minutes or 50 minutes. 2 minutes. Thats it. His contribution could hardly be characterized as anti-vax, but that emotionally charged language is essential to the deceptive warfare tactics used by the pro-vax community.

Support Dr Piesses defence against the medical fascists ruining Australia.

Donate to the campaign here....


Company bringing in foreign labour to take away jobs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Western Australia

INPEX, a multi-national oil and gas company that is bringing in foreign workers when there are plenty of local Australians ready to do the job.

They are not the only ones and the rise in the practice is causing considerable ire within Australias union movement and driving a growing determination to act and bring it to an end.

In this case, qualified oil and gas operators ready to work are missing out. These are Australians who are actively searching for work and sometimes even prepared to move across the country.

Despite this, INPEX can bring in foreign workers to work on their offshore LNG facility with impunity, because the Australian government refuses to act and put a stop to it. The company claims it had tried to look locally but critics have suggested that this is window dressing, to get around the pretense that the go ahead only exists where there is a shortage of available labour.

The Australian Workers Union has started a public campaign to pressure INPEX to put a stop to the practice and part of this is to run a petition through Megaphone.

It is intended that this will help put a stop to the practice by all companies operating in the industry.

The employment of foreign workers in Australia has never really been about meeting real existing labour shortages, but a means by used by unscrupulous employers, to create a cheap source of labour, to cut down wages and working conditions, at a time when decent and secure jobs are becoming scarcer.

Malcolm Turnbull and his government in Canberra go along with this, because it matches is their policy.

There is ample evidence that this is its thrust. There is the cut to overtime rates in hospitality and the return to increasingly anti-union law and actions, not to mention wholesale job losses in the public sector.

The INPEX campaign being carried out by the Australian Workers Union is likely to draw considerable sympathy from the Australian community.




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Market Talk- August 28th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

When a major market contributor is away the markets are always quiet but today with the UK off, there really was very little action anywhere. China continued its constructive roll with the main Shanghai adding an additional 1%; with the Hang Seng little changed. Australia suffered a touch (-0.6%) with the decline of financials. SENSEX rallied another +0.5% continuing its four day bounce. Could be in for an interesting few weeks, especially with US Non-Farms on Friday. But we are seeing a few markets highlighting the week of September 11th as turning weeks.. Lets see where the month end numbers come in on Thursday.

Europe really could not get its act together today and watched as stocks declined and the Euro gained. As expected volumes extremely light and even though gas prices rallied (+3%), they could not balance oils decline 3.1% with many concerns. All core closed lower with DAX, CAC and IBEX all down around -0.5% while the UKs FTSE lost only small but watched the GBP trade +0.4% better. As negotiations start for the third time the mainstream media claim both sides are far from happy. One unsettle point is legal jurisdiction of the ECJ. Guess well just have to go back to negotiating the contract then agreeing on which law applies! The old way was if you wanted the contract that much you built it into the terms. Irish boarder remains a topic and the frictionless ideology. Looks like the bill settlement could be the easiest of the list 40bn sounds the number. The final paper appears to be the transitional deal where goods still trade either way yet with payment over a few years. Thursday is the last day for this round then we move onto September 28th.

US was also in for a quiet day with low volume and an extremely tight trading range. Some of the soft commodities are being affected bearing reference to storm Harvey devastating Houston. The price of cotton has rallied over 2% due to concerns for crop but also held in storage. Gold has broken the $1300 barrier so we will be eagerly watching the month end Reversal numbers.

2s closed 1.33% (u/c), 10s 2.16% (-1bp), 30s 2.76% (+1bp), Bunds 0.37% (-1bp) moves the US/Germany spread out by 2bp to +181bp. Fr...


200,000 Troops, 500,000+ Militia Will Join Venezuelan War Games vs. US Threat "IndyWatch Feed National"

By RT News

Venezuela has begun massive wargames to show Donald Trump that it is capable of defending itself against US aggression. The drills will involve 200,000 troops and thousands of civilian volunteers, the military said.

The number of participants in the exercise starting Saturday will exceed 900,000 people, Remigio Ceballos, head of the Venezuelan Strategic Operational Command, told the media.

Therell be around 200,000 servicemen taking part, with the rest of those drilling being members of the Venezuelan civilian militia, Ceballos said.

The National Bolivarian Militia was created by the late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, in 2009. The force, which allows every citizen to enlist, answers directly to the countrys president.

Venezuelan Army snipers during military drills in Caracas on August 26, 2017. HO / Venezuelan Presidency / AFP

According to Ceballos, the number of those willing to become a militia member has sharply increased since the current drills were ordered in mid-August by President Nicolas Maduro.


Immune cells may prevent stem cell growth in spinal cord repair "IndyWatch Feed National"

That scab that forms after you cut yourself is the work of your immune system coming to the rescue, fighting off invaders, and helping to heal the wound. But when it comes to spinal cord injuries, the healing process goes awry. Immune cells rush in and cause a scar that blocks the ability of neurons to regrow and reconnect. However, recent studies have shown that the immune system can also aid regeneration. "The immune system has both positive and a negative impact - what it does is really context specific," says Jan Kaslin, who studies neural regeneration in zebrafish at the Australian Regenerative Institute of Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. Stem cells provide a great hope for damaged spinal cords and brain injury - but it has not been clear on how the immune system may affect the regrowth.


Been there, done that? Strange signs that your soul may have reincarnated from a past life "IndyWatch Feed National"

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a stranger and felt an instant connection? Have you ever wondered why you're claustrophobic, or have a fear of heights? The answer could stem from a past life. In fact, it's commonly believed that many of our personal characteristics, experiences and even skills are closely linked to another life lived on earth. But how do you know for sure that your soul has reincarnated from a past life? These six signs may prove you likely have. Reincarnation is the belief that when you die, your soul moves into a new body. Some believe this is an absolute truth, others are skeptical. However, according to psychotherapist Dr. Brian L. Weiss, author "Many Lives Many Masters" and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, everyone reincarnates. "I think everybody reincarnates because we have many lessons to learn, lessons about love, compassion, charity, nonviolence, inner peace, patience, etc.," suggests Dr. Weiss. "It would be hard to learn them all in only one life. Also, some people come back voluntarily to help others."


"I caught him in my jumper and swept him to safety." "IndyWatch Feed National"

A very weak wombat was dragging himself along the side of a road in Australia, when he was spotted by the exact right person.

Credit: 7 News Adelaide/Facebook

Brigitte Stevens, founder of the Wombat Awareness Organization, was out looking for wombats she could save after something terrible happened to wombats in the area.

"He was struggling to move and going directly towards where his home [had been]," Stevens wrote on Facebook. "I caught him in my jumper and swept him to safety."

Credit: Wombat Awareness Organization

Wombats dig elaborate homes underground to protect themselves from heat and predators. They live and mate in these underground homes so when a Good Samaritan noticed a large piece of land where someone had plugged up many burrow entrance holes with dirt, they alerted wildlife officials.  

Credit: Wombat Awareness Organization

Wildlife officials are investigating the incident, which is being called one of the...


If Sperm Counts Continue Declining Humans Could Become Extinct "IndyWatch Feed National"


The Emerging Sperm Count Crisis


If sperm counts continue declining at the current rate, humans could become extinct.

Analyzing nearly 200 studies, researchers have found that the sperm counts in men across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have halved in less than forty years. The study found that the decline in mens sperm counts may also be accelerating.

Although the study didnt investigate the potential causes of this sharp decline, prior research has implicated exposures to man-made chemicals, especially endocrine disruptors that are plentiful in many consumer products and the pesticides sprayed on our food.

Weve previously reported the evidence that GMOs could also be culprits in declining sperm counts. In a Russian study on hamsters, scientists observed that consumption of GM soybeans tended to slow their sexual maturation, and completely eliminating their ability to reproduce. This can take several generations to unfold. Another study uncovered similar infertility in third-generation mice that consumed GM corn.

There are natural ways to improve male fertility in addition to protecting oneself from exposure to endocrine disruptors, which can be found in unexpected places, such as dental offices or checkout receipts. Natural medicine specialists can also help with more sophisticated tests as well as the right food, supplements, and exercise. Something as simple as enough Vitamin D can make all the difference in restoring fertility.

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Forty years on, Voyager spacecrafts still hurtles through space "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are we alone? Forty years ago, NASA rocket scientists sought to answer this question by launching the Voyager spacecraft, twin unmanned spaceships that would travel further than any human-made object in history. They are still traveling. When Voyager 1 and 2 launched about two weeks apart in 1977 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, scientists knew little about the outer planets in our solar system, and could hardly imagine the scope of their upcoming space odyssey. "None of us knew, when we launched 40 years ago, that anything would still be working, and continuing on this pioneering journey," said Voyager project scientist Ed Stone. Voyager's main mission was to explore other planets including Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, but it also carried the story of humanity into deep space.


Probiotic Treatment Erased Peanut Allergy in 70 Percent of Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Last week Australian scientists announced a major breakthrough in treating peanut allergies and it can last for up to four years!

This news couldnt come at a better time since hundreds of Americans die each year from food allergies and around 200,000 of the estimated 15 million Americans with food allergies will wind up in the emergency room each year. Almost six million of those with food allergies in the U.S. are children.

Peanuts are among the top 8 food allergens that include wheat, milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts, shell fish and fish.

The recent EpiPen price gouging scandal is more proof that its time for alternative life-saving treatments.

Xinhua Net reports***:

Mimi Tang, a researcher at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI), developed the treatment whereby children with severe peanut allergies are administered the probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus and peanut proteins daily for 18 months.

A study published on Thursday found that one month after ceasing treatment, 80...


Can you guess who said this? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Who said: "ISIS is a big lie, and it does not pose a threat to the region".  Answer here.


Dallas' graveyard synchronicity: M.I.B.s, Bonnie and Clyde "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the night of November 8, 2016, a good friend of mine, Denise Rector, flew into Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to spend seven days with me. It was a week dominated by a fun road-trip that took us from my Arlington, Texas home to Austin's Museum of the Weird, from Austin to San Antonio, and then back to Arlington. One of the things I did while Denise was in town was to take her to see what I call "The M.I.B. Grave." You may well wonder what it is! No, it's not the final resting place of a pale-faced, fedora-wearing Man in Black. You might, however, be forgiven for thinking that that is exactly what it is. Western Heights Cemetery is located at 1617 Fort Worth Avenue, Dallas, Texas. It's a tiny, blink and you'll miss it type of place that is sandwiched between two small, old roads. Not particularly well looked after, the cemetery has most definitely seen better days. It has, however, a notable claim to fame. Or, rather, a claim to infamy! It just happens to be the final resting place of Clyde Barrow - as in Bonnie and Clyde, the infamous gangsters who lived and died by the bullet on May 23, 1934. Actually, by a hell of a lot of bullets. As for Bonnie, she is buried in Dallas' Crow Hill Memorial Park Cemetery, which is just a short drive from Clyde's grave. It so happens that buried next to Clyde are the remains of his brother. His name was Marvin, and he too came to a bloody end. To his friends, Marvin was known as Buck. As we drove to the cemetery, I told Denise why I call Marvin's final resting place "The M.I.B Grave." The answer is very simple: Marvin's full name was Marvin Ivan Barrow. In other words, his initials are M. I. and B. And, there is a small headstone at the grave which reads, in capital letters, "M.I.B.," and nothing else. We were soon at Marvin's grave, which, like that of his brother, Clyde, now pretty much languishes in obscurity - unless, that is, you have a yearning to find it and see it. As we stood around the graves and looked around, I told Denise how, on several occasions, odd synchronicities had occurred in relation to Marvin's grave and the real MIB. For the conclusion of this article, including video, go here.


Revelations of an Insider: Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard Returns to Answer Questions (Part 3) "IndyWatch Feed National"


Dutch spoken, English subs. A DVM-TV production.

In accordance with part 1 and 2 (links below) see here part 3, in which he is answering questions after part 1 went viral. At the end of the interview you see a short overview of part 4.

More form Ronald Bernard:

MUST WATCH: Dutch Banking Whistleblower Exposes The Elite Satanic Power Structure That Runs The World
Intl Banker Blows Whistle, Admits He Was Ordered to Sacrifice Children at Parties for the Elite
Cabal Whistleblower and Dutch Banker, Ronald Bernard, Returns with More Revelations Part 2


Heres the Ionic, Fitbits long-awaited answer to the Apple Watch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Starting out as a novelty product, the Apple Watch has grown increasingly relevant by adding more fitness-tracking capabilities. They are likely to expand further with its third version, expected to debut next month (including, reportedly, a cellular antenna). Fitbit, meanwhile, is coming from the opposite direction: Having once soared with the popularity of its fitness-focused bands, Continue reading Heres the Ionic, Fitbits long-awaited answer to the Apple Watch

Fitbit tried several different configurations to squeeze all the sensors onto the underside of the Ionic. Image by the author

Starting out as a novelty product, the Apple Watch has grown increasingly relevant by adding more fitness-tracking capabilities. They are likely to expand further with its third version, expected to debut next month (including, reportedly, a cellular antenna). Fitbit, meanwhile, is coming from the opposite direction: Having once soared with the popularity of its fitness-focused bands, it posted heavy losses last year amid budget competition and slackening demand. Now Fitbits trying to get its groove back by crossing into smartwatch territory with the $300 Ionic, announced today and going on sale in October. (Thats in line with the lowest-priced Apple Watches, for instance.)

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Poland Tells EU Its Overhaul of Judiciary in Line With EU Standards "IndyWatch Feed National"

WARSAW Poland said on Monday that the legislative process overhauling its judiciary is in line with European standards and called the European Commissions concerns about rule of law in the country groundless.

On July 26, the Commission said it would launch legal action against Poland over the reforms and gave Warsaw a month to respond to concerns that the process undermines the independence of judges and breaks EU rules.

Last month, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into a law a bill giving the justice minister the power to replace heads of ordinary courts, but after mass street protests blocked two other bills.

The vetoed bills would have empowered the government and parliament to replace Supreme Court judges and most members of a high-level judicial panel.

In response the Polish side emphasized that the legislative process which has the primary goal of reforming the justice system is in line with European standards and answers social expectations that have been growing for years, therefore the Commissions doubts are groundless, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also said that in the spirit of loyal cooperation it has provided the European Commission with all necessary information on the situation in Poland.

Polands right-wing, eurosceptic government says the reforms are needed to streamline a slow, outdated legal system and make judges more accountable to the people. It has already tightened control of state media and took steps that critics said politicized the constitutional court.

(Reporting by Lidia Kelly)



Is There ANYONE in Authority Who Cares About Raped and Murdered Children? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Going on 13 years now- have contacted police, the media, and the FBI to try and get my family investigated for murdering children and no one seems to give a damn. Is this the world we have come to live in? has all the info on it


50 Immigrant Women and Children Dumped by ICE at Closed Bus Station in Hurricane Harveys Path "IndyWatch Feed National"

Despite instructions from Democratic U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett to halt the transportation of recently released detainees in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey and that all transport services were suspended ahead of the hurricane- Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stranded a busload of 50 women and children at a closed bus station in San Antonio directly into the path of the category 4 storm with nowhere to go and no resources such as money or cell phones.

As reported by Raw Story:

Knowing that, they just dropped them off, said Barbie Hurtado a community organizer for RAICES, a nonprofit that provides legal aid to immigrant families. These are women and children who have been released from family detention with no money, cell phones, and dont speak English.

When contacted for comment, ICE released a statement to Buzzfeed that said, All of the aliens who were transferred to the San Antonio Greyhound bus station by ICE on Friday morning had confirmed tickets and itineraries to their destinations. Throughout the process, ICE remained in close contact with bus officials to ensure bus availability, and all aliens had confirmed bus transportation at the time at which ICE officers departed the station. Ultimately, ICE kept two additional families in custody since their bus trip had been cancelled.

Conveniently, the spokesperson evaded answering whether or not buses were up and running upon dropping off the women and children. Whether or not ICE provided the families with tickets is irrelevant if there are no buses to redeem their tickets on.

Doggett told Buzzfeed tha...


Another Day, Another Vaccine: For Heroin And Opioid Addiction "IndyWatch Feed National"


Is the next attempt to treat opioid addiction a vaccination? Well, some researchers certainly think so. Score another point for the pharmaceutical companies.

Researchers are coming up with a new vaccine that would render the effects of opioids null and void in the body. The vaccine is said to offer protection from the effects of both heroin and the synthetic opioid fentanyl. The new vaccine is currently under development by researchers in the United States and its creators say that one day, this vaccine could help curb addiction and even possibly prevent fatal overdoses. Researchers say this new vaccine will make the brain immune to mind-altering chemicals and it could be the key to ending the opioid crisis.

Drug overdoses, more specifically, opioid overdoses, in the United States are feared to have caused more than 60,000 deaths in 2016. How incredibly ironic that the very industry that fueled this crisis now has the solution to the problem

But while such investigations date as far back as the 1970s, researchers say the recent rise of synthetic opioids means vaccines to counter drugs powers could be more important than ever.

There is an urgent need to discover effective medications to treat substance use disorders, says chemist Kim D. Janda from the Scripps Research Institute in California.



Beware the DC establishment that attacks Trump's capacity to govern, even if he deserves it "IndyWatch Feed National"

As a political correspondent, I've had the opportunity to meet many world leaders over the last two decades. The question I am most asked is: "what is he or she like in person?" Of the leaders who have been in power for about six years or more I most commonly answer that they are a little bit crazy. The detachment from everyday concerns, the unceasing VIP treatment, and the unfettered power, I find, can often make leaders eccentric - or in some cases downright mad. Donald Trump is less than nine months into his term as president and his opponents are already condemning him as unfit for office because of his mental state. The allegation first came from his political enemies - the Democrats.


Charlottesville Coalition To March 10 Days To DC "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Jessica Corbett for Common Dreams - "We are answering the call from faith and community leaders in Charlottesville to dismantle white supremacy in our country by taking their demand for moral leadership to Washington D.C.," declares the group's website, which features details about their march route, and their plans to launch a wave of actions in Washington. "We know that this is a very dangerous moment in our nation's history, a moment that requires action. We are marching to D.C. in the spirit of love, equity, and justice like those before us did in the face of hatred and oppression," the march organizers said in a statement. "We will demand our country reckon with its long history of white supremacy, that our nation's leadership side with those of us who will no longer abide it, and we call for the removal of all those, including the president, who refuse to do so," organizers also said. In D.C., they plan to engage in "a sustained civil disobedience campaign," and demand that President Donald Trump be removed from office. Their demands echo growing support for impeachment and suspicions that Trump will resign that began surfacing even before he repeatedly blamed the deadly violence in Charlotteville "on both sides," instead of unequivocally condemning the white supremacists.

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Monday, 28 August


Seidel's Farm "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Last year, I looked at a number of the works of the 19th century landscape artist Eugene von Guerard who sketched and painted a number of locations along the Barwon River. With assistance, I was able to identify the locations from which von Guerard produced a number of his pieces. In addition to those drawings we studied, von Guerard also sketched another scene overlooking the Barwon, this time upstream from Geelong not too far from Ceres.
The scene which caught his eye on the 18th March, 1854 was a vineyard in the Barrabool Hills, owned by German immigrants Alwin and Bernard Seidel, vignerons who arrived in the district on a wave of Swiss chain migration which saw members of extended families settle on the fertile banks of the creeks and rivers around Geelong. The Swiss vine-growers were encouraged to come to Australia by Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe whose wife Sophie de Montmollin was Swiss. La Trobe had spent time in Switzerland prior to their 1835 marriage and subsequent arrival in New South Wales in 1839 and would have been well-acquainted with Swiss wine production.
The Seidels it seems, were also acquainted with von Guerard as he mentions in the diary he kept of his time on the gold fields that he was travelling with "Seidel" - possibly one of the brothers. Clearly, he spent time visiting with them at the farm after his return from his gold-seeking adventures.
The Seidel's vineyard, was established in about 1849 (Geelong Advertiser, 2nd February, 1861) around a kilometre east of Ceres on Barrabool Road. Facing north east, it was situated high above the Barwon, looking out across both the Moorabool and Barwon Valleys. Today, the site lies just to the west of the Ceres/Highton exit from the Geelong Ring Road and whilst much has changed, the view is still commanding.

Looking towards the You Yangs from a position a little to the
east of Seidel's Vineyard
Initially known as the Ceres Nursery (later the Ceres Vineyard), the Seidels grew fruit trees - pl...


Australians Vaccine Rights GoFundMe Explodes To Over $60k In 3 Days "IndyWatch Feed National"

As we reported yesterday, an Australian doctor known for helping Australian parents receive vaccine exemptions is at risk of losing his medical license. Dr. John Piesse received notice yesterday from Australian health officials that he was...

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A Word on Penis Size "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oi, boomed Kristy across the kitchen.

It was a rainy Budapest afternoon in our rather shabby hostel the type people come to stay at for a night or two and end up lasting a season. I had just finished my cup of coffee, and was rinsing the mug.

Whats the smallest dick youve ever had sex with?

My smile froze as Kristy grabbed a short, chubby eggplant off the bench from where she was helping to prepare dinner. It was the first time shed spoken to me since the day shed checked me in.

Mine was legit this big, she continued loudly, holding out her finger and thumb close together as she threw back her head in crude laughter. Still giggling, she held the eggplant against her crotch and thrust.

About five of Kristys co-workers bustled around her in the kitchen, as well as a handful of guests. Because of the weather, nearly everyone was holed up inside. The others feigned busyness, pretending not to hear her.

I I dont know, I stammered vaguely, desperate to melt into the floor and unsure of how to confront the situation.

Kristy thrust her hips a few more times, and put the eggplant down. Bored with my lack of engagement, she then stalked off down the hallway, grinning like a cat, to harass the guests watching television.

I put the mug in the drying rack.

A girl chopping carrots suppressed a smile. Were compiling a list from biggest to smallest, she confided in me excitedly, not bothering to lower her voice.

Sams got the biggest dick.

Sam was a guest who had become a somewhat permanent fixture at the hostel.

And apparently Zac is small, she mouthed, digging me in the ribs and giving me a knowing look.

Zac was also in the kitchen. He was the boy Id been sleeping with for the duration of my stay a holiday fling, and my first sexual partner since a particularly painful breakup a few months before.

He was divine.

I wouldnt know, I said quietly, trying to imply that I didnt approve of the conversation but didnt have the guts to say so. The girl chopping carrots just smirke...


Study: How Magnesium Supplementation Could Help with Depression "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sadly, depression is a common mental health condition that affects millions of people in Australia and around the world. However, there are many natural therapies for depression that give you back your power, as they are more preventive in nature and help your body to heal itself. One of these natural solutions for depression may be magnesium, as pointed out in recent research.

This study involved 126 men and women who suffered from mild to moderate depression. Sixty-two were given a supplement containing 248mg of magnesium (as magnesium chloride, not the best supplemental form) for 6 weeks, and then spent 6 weeks with no supplementation. The others first spent 6 weeks taking no magnesium, and then swapped with the first group for the second half.

All volunteers were given questionnaires to evaluate their depression and anxiety at the start of the study and every 2 weeks during treatment.

During supplementation, depression and anxiety scores improved significantly, and participants were less likely to suffer from headaches. During the control period, however, depression scores did not change and anxiety worsened.

As their symptoms showed improvement in 2 weeks, magnesium could be a rapid-acting remedy for mild and moderate depression, while offering a wide range of side benefits. And if you are worried about negative social attitudes towards depression, magnesium is indicated for so many health complaints that a supplement implies nothing.

So, Why? What Does Magnesium Do?

From energy production to the synthesis of neurotransmitters that control mood, magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. If you are deficient, and many people are, then these chemical reactions are limited.

Of course, magnesium is not the only nutrient that we need to make neurotransmitters. B vitamins, particularly B12, folate (B9), B6, and niacin (B3), are essential co-factors in neurotransmitter production.

Deficiencies do not just affect mood, but overall brain function and memory.

A balance of omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids is also important, as they are a part of nerve cell membranes and play a role in communication between cells. Impaired communication affects things like mood, memory and function in general.

Vitamin D deficiency is another common problem, which can contribute to depression by altering gene expression and the ability to control inflammation.

Overall, the chemical imbalance is more complex than conventional medicine tells you, and we have far more control over it too.



Dear Trans Lobby: The Military Is Not A Social Experiment "IndyWatch Feed National"

My first serious brush with postmodernism was when I was pursuing my second masters degree in New Zealand. Previously, I had post-colonial and post-structuralist professors in India, who once told me that the right to not listen to someone is democratic. When replied it of course is, but implies no credibility when they critique the concept they refuse to hear, they walked out.

But those were isolated incidents. New Zealand (not geographically, but culturally West) gave me an idea what organized post-modernist cultism is. My alma-mater, the oldest and most prestigious university of the land, had a Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, which made us do a module. While other subjects in the broader field, like international relations and economics, had a positivist bend, Peace and Conflict was a different world altogether.

They had weekend activism meets, the professors had Palestinian flags on their doors, students were invited to join political discussion about feminizing armed forces and how feminists should infiltrate and oppose wars, and they had stellar researchers discussing the viability of opening a taxpayer-funded peace park on the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas.

I bring this up because, coming from military analysis and conflict journalism background, I had a different idea of what Peace and Conflict studies might include, like knowing the causes and effects of war and strategies to deter the most calamitous of human events. Instead, I found it was simply an activist hub.

I had to write an essay on the role of women in infantry. When I pointed out that no single Australian marine female officer has passed the combat training and all dropped out, including one female marine captain who wrote against this entire idiocy, I got the lowest passing grade in that module. The essay was subsequently published unchanged and unedited in a journal.

Donald Trump is litigating this debate, this time with transgender troops.

Opening Salvo in the Defining Culture War of Our Times

Transgender issues are the most emotive of our times, an echo of the...


MACKAY Multiple charges follow violent behaviour, Rural View "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 28, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

Multiple charges follow violent behaviour, Rural View

August 28, 2017 at 08:41AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court this morning, August 28, to have the matters heard. Police will not tolerate violent behaviour under any

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Trevor Tree of Bellingen Northern NSW- nice tributes to Trevor on his Facebook page from friends "IndyWatch Feed National"

A younger Trevor with his wife Helen and their family. Look how strong Trevors physique is- no one would have expected him to have a heart attack so relatively young at 57

My friend of over thirty years Trevor Tree of Bellingen, who grew up on Sydneys Northern Beaches, died a few months ago.

Here is an article I wrote and published on this, my personal blog-site, a few months ago when Trevor was lying in a coma in Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.

Blog article of 3 May 2017

I mentioned my old friend Trevor Tree in blog article about how Jesus said to build ones spiritual house upon a rock in His Sermon on the Mount 1,970 years ago on that gently sloping hill in Galilee near Cana.



Home values up "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Up +10 per cent over the past 12 months, according to CoreLogic.

Source: CoreLogic

The fastest growth over the year was notched by Melbourne, and then Sydney.


"The American Way: Mindless Pursuit" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"The American Way: Mindless Pursuit"
By Cognitive Dissonance

"Its actually embarrassing if Im to be frank and honest in my opinion. How many times during my adult life did I hear leadership proclaim they are simply defending The American Way without ever really thinking about what constituted the way We the People live? Sure I gave passing consideration now and then, but I always remained safely within the pro-programmed thought box promoted by those who claimed to be defending me and my way. Therefore when I was younger the answer was simplicity at its finest: baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ChevroletIn other words, the mindless pursuit of all things pleasurable.

Of course, this is an over simplification of a complex situation. Then again, maybe not. There are several trigger words in my statement, any one of which can be endlessly argued to death. And if there is one thing Ive learned in my advancing age it is this. When I dont wish to confront an unpleasant situation I will argue the piss out of the details until I have convinced myself it doesnt apply and I can ignore it completely.



Australian Solar Panels Manufacturer Uses ICO, Crypto Tokens for P2P Energy Trading "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian solar power panel manufacturing company expects the Blockchain to improve efficiency in the energy market by enabling peer to peer trading.

Australian Solar Panels Manufacturer Uses ICO, Crypto Tokens for P2P Energy Trading "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian solar power panel manufacturing company expects the Blockchain to improve efficiency in the energy market by enabling peer to peer trading.


A Prayer to the Divine Source Within "IndyWatch Feed National"

I have always declined to pray at family meal times. I created this prayer as an alternative to the many prayers I've heard over the years to a personal God, who is separate and distinct from the universe, who allegedly answers prayers for personal needs and the healing of loved ones, if He chooses. Conversely, I believe that meditation can enable us to directly experience the transpersonal Love Source of all creation.


Explosive Podcast interview revealing David Walter Kangaroo Court Case "IndyWatch Feed National"


Harry Palmer from Australian Patriot Radio conducted an interview with John ?? who delivers a mine field of information of how QLD Beaty government manipulated the system to remove all peoples rights without them knowing, they do not even own their own property and that David Walter exposing this and more is being silenced by a corrupt judicial system about to collapse. Read More


Regulators are starting to stand against further deregulation of finance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

On Friday, two of the most powerful central bankers in the world, delivered back-to-back warnings against governments removing existing controls over the financial industry.

At first glance, it may seem odd that central bankers might stand up for regulation of the industry. It makes sense though. From their point of view, they see the potential risks to the whole financial sector. Regulators are less concerned with the gains or losses made by an individual business than they are with how the whole sector is fairing. What is good for one is not necessarily good for the other.

Now that the global and many national markets are less certain and riskier, the incentive is to overcome this through sufficient regulation and the imposition of barriers to mavericks, who might upset the apple cart.  By this means the risk of financial loss is lessened across the financial system.

During the financial crisis of 2007, governments used regulators to limit the damage, by covering for the banks (increasing liquidity) and other financial institutions. This soon became known as corporate welfare. There is a clear incentive to keep this line of assistance open.

This is why the worlds two most powerful central bankers delivered back-to-  back warnings last Friday, against dismantling tough post-crisis financial rules that the Trump administration blames for stifling U.S. growth.

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, speaking at the Federal Reserves annual retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, pointed out that this is not the time to loosen regulation given that central banks are still supporting their economies with accommodative monetary policies.

That warning followed earlier remarks by US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who offered a broad defense of the steps taken since the 2008 financial-market meltdown and urged that any rollback of post-crisis rules be modest.

The combined effect was a subtle shot across the bow of those who seek deregulation, said Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Barclays Capital Inc. in New York.

There is also a political factor. Banks are unpopular just about everywhere. They are seen as grasping institutions and are blamed for many of the existing economic problems. The banks have  a major public relations problem....


Brian Houston Twitter: Im absolutely pumped / excited about Hillsongs launched in Orange County and Perth on Sept 10. Both have enormous potential "IndyWatch Feed National"


Afghan refugee saved from deportation to death "IndyWatch Feed National"

This Associated Press video says about itself:

Protest as Germany deports Afghan refugees

(14 Dec 2016) Germany deported around 50 Afghans to their homeland on Wednesday after after their asylum bids were rejected.

They left on Wednesday evening from Frankfurt airport as dozens of people gathered to rally against the deportation.

Only 18 Afghan citizens were deported in the first half of 2016, according to government figures.

More than 12,500 Afghans have received orders to leave the country, but not yet been deported.

Instead, it has tried to convince them to go home on a voluntary basis by offering financial incentives upon their return.

Recently, however the government has said it would toughen its stance on rejected asylum-seekers and that more people would be deported.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Last-minute reprieve for young Afghan

Monday 28th August 2017

Pilot refuses to fly man who has been threatened by Taliban

A YOUNG man who could have faced death if returned to Afghanistan is still in Britain after the pilot on his deportation flight reportedly refused to take him.

Samim Bigzad, 22, was detained after he attended his monthly appointment at a London immigration office in July. His initial asylum claim was rejected in March 2016 and subsequent appeals were also refused.

He was due to be taken on a Turkish Airlines commercial flight via Istanbul on Saturday, however campaigners said he is still in the country because he did not board the plane.

A protest group at Heathrow pleaded with the airl...


Accused of funding terrorism and being too cozy with Iran, Qatar says it has done no wrong "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Los Angeles Times

The tiny gas-rich nation of Qatar has been ostracized by its regional Arab neighbors, which accuse it of funding terrorism and being too cozy with Iran.

In June, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic and trade ties, closed their air routes to Qatari aircraft and served the government with a host of demands aimed at fighting terrorism and extremism. Mauritius, Mauritania, Yemen, the Maldives and one of Libyas two warring governments also suspended diplomatic relations.

Qatar did little to quell the conflict last week when it announced it was restoring full diplomatic relations with Iran, more than a year after it pulled its ambassador in a show of solidarity with Saudi Arabia, whose embassy and diplomatic missions in Iran were attacked.

Qatari officials say their country has done no wrong and that a statement by the countrys emir that became a pretext for the row he was quoted on Qatar news sites as praising Iran and the fundamentalist group Hamas  was fabricated in a hacking attack. Qatar blamed the Emirates, which has denied it.

Qatar does not fund terrorism whatsoever no groups, no individuals. Not from afar or from a close distance, Sheik Saif bin Ahmed al Thani, director of the government communications office, said in an interview with The Times editorial board and reporters.

His comments have been edited for length and clarity.

President Trump and Qatar's Emir Sheik Tamim bin Hamad al Thani during a bilateral meeting at a hotel in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in May 2017.President Trump and Qatars Emir Sheik Tamim bin Hamad al Thani during a bilateral meeting at a hotel in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in May 2017. (Mandel Ngan / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images)

Why do these countries want to pick a fight with Qatar and why now?

I can answer what we think it is. We have differences in opinion. That is the main issue. Differences of opinion. We do not support parties or in...


Voices of reason call for immediate end  to NT Indigenous Intervention "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

~ Jeff McMullen,10655

 Several outspoken Elders,  including Utopias Rosalie Kunoth-Monks  and speakers from the Yolgnu Nations Assembly  will launch the statement of support in Melbourne.

They say the slow strangulation of services to the smaller homelands and the suffocating government control of almost all aspects of community life  is a creeping extinction for these Aboriginal people.

The group statement concludes:

We call on the Australian Government to heed the call of Northern Territory Elders  for an immediate end to the racism and discrimination of the Intervention policies which are an ongoing stain on the Australian nation.

It is time that the Australian Governments respect and negotiate with remote living Indigenous people in good faith, demonstrate proper duty of care to them and allow all First Nations of Australia the right to self-determination.



It's a digital world - Australian periodicals "IndyWatch Feed National"


I have written a few posts in recent times, about the need to digitise old Australian UAP periodicals; and the ability of blog readers to upload digital copies of old TUFOIC and UFOIC Newsletters. I am currently working on on making more Australian UAP periodicals available, stay tuned to this blog.

Long term blog readers, will also recall that I am a great believer in going back to original source material when reviewing cases. Old periodicals are an excellent source of such original material.

I have received a number of requests from both Australian and overseas researchers, to provide a list of the available digital Australian periodicals. Here it is.

If any blog readers have digital issues which are not listed, I would appreciate a scanned PDF copy being sent to me at If you have hard copies of no...


Adani Says to Start Work on Carmichael Coal Project With Own Funds "IndyWatch Feed National"

Analysts have raised doubts about whether Adani can fund what would be Australias biggest coal mine given opposition from green groups and a global backlash to investment in fossil fuels, while Adani insists the project will proceed.

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani speaks during an interview with Reuters at his office in Ahmedabad in this April 2, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Amit Dave/Files

Sydney: Indias Adani Enterprises said on Monday it will start work in October on its Carmichael coal project in Australia using $400 million ($317 million) of its own funds, even as it looks to lock in financing for the controversial mine.

Adani, which has said previously that it needed to borrow under $2 billion to get the project off the ground, will target first shipments from March 2020 for the first stage of the project which has been trimmed back to a cost of $4 billion.

Analysts have raised doubts about whether Adani can fund what would be Australias biggest...


The Price of Plastics "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pushing my way through the mountain of sweaty, drunken bodies, I stumble to the bar. I signal for a drink and the bartender nods in understanding. They pour the liquid into the glass, then reach for the black plastic in front of them.
No straw! I call out before they can put in the unnecessary plastic. I pay for the drink and walk away with my strawless beverage, satisfied that Ive just helped save the world.


Okay, so I know it takes more than refusing a straw on a night out to really make a huge difference. But, hey its a start.

The rate at which the world consumes plastic is an alarming one. Photographer Benjamin Wong, whose images of a mermaid swimming in 10,000 plastic bottles went viral late last year, was a public wake up call as to how disturbing plastics can be.

Ben admits to not realising how large the problem was until he was bottle deep in research and found out how embedded plastics will be in our food chains over the next few years.

If animals eat plastic and we eat animals, were essentially going to be eating our own waste for centuries to come, he said.

It takes 1000 years for a plastic water bottle to biodegrade, but in that time, it doesnt stay whole. It becomes tiny micro plastics that end up in the water or in the soil. The ocean is currently filled with over five trillion pieces of plastic that get ingested by marine life. We then, in turn, ingest the marine life and end up with the plastic in our bodies.

Next time you buy a plastic water bottle, after you finish its content, you might as well marinate the bottle and eat it. Its going to end up in your body in one way or another. This way you get a free meal with your drink. What a bargain!

Over 300 million metric tons of plastics are produced in the world annually. Thats around the equivalent of 10 million humpback whales. And to make things even more messed up, about half of that amount goes into products that are discarded within a year of their purchase....


Turnbull's claims about his union corruption legislation don't stack up - he's treating us like mugs "IndyWatch Feed National";fileType=application/pdf


200,000 Troops and 500,000+ Militia will Join the Venezuelan War Games "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Venezuela has begun massive wargames to show Donald Trump that it is capable of defending itself against US aggression. The drills will involve 200,000 troops and thousands of civilian volunteers, the military said.

The number of participants in the exercise starting Saturday will exceed 900,000 people, Remigio Ceballos, head of the Venezuelan Strategic Operational Command, told the media.

There'll be around 200,000 servicemen taking part, with the rest of those drilling being members of the Venezuelan civilian militia, Ceballos said.

The National Bolivarian Militia was created by the late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, in 2009. The force, which allows every citizen to enlist, answers directly to the country's president.

Venezuelan Army snipers during military drills in Caracas on August 26, 2017. HO / Venezuelan Presidency / AFP

According to Ceballos, the number of those willing to become a militia member has sharply increased since the current drills were ordered in mid-August by President Nicolas Maduro.

Members of the National Bolivarian Militia get ready before a military exercise in Caracas, Venezuela August 26, 2017. Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters

The announcement of the massive exercise came in response to Donald Trump saying that Washington has prepared a range of measures against Venezuela, "including a possible military option if necessary."

"The fundamental objective for this exercise is to prepare the people for defense," Ceballos said.

Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez attends snipers drills during military exercises in Caracas, Venezuela, August 26, 2017. Miraflores Palace / Reuters

The wargames will take place across the country, including the border areas, the commander added.

The Nati...


The Long Road Leading to the Destruction of IRAQ "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan The Iraq nation has been destroyed over a million citizens were killed, and its 37 million people are suffering the consequences. Who would do this and why? Syria has suffered six years of war, and Iran has been told that they are next. Should civilised people sit at home eating popcorn []


Bill Shorten wants to "update" CAPT Cook statues and plaques because "Our history didn't start when Cook sailed here" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bill Shorten's jumped on the rename the statues, change the plaques bandwagon. Here's one they'll have problems knocking over. From The Australian today Update inaccurate statue plaques, says Bill Shorten Statues in Sydney's Hyde Park were vandalised with "Change the Date" and "No Pride in Genocide" slogans. The Australian 1:36PM...


Government must abandon plans to force refugees living in the community back to danger "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today the Australian Government told people seeking asylum and refugees they have three weeks to find their own accommodation and they will lose all income support immediately. In a move designed to force people back to danger, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton began issuing a new visa known as the final departure Bridging E Visa.

Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director at the Human Rights Law Centre, said:

This is a shocking act of cruelty. People are being told all their income is being cut immediately and that theyve got three weeks before they are evicted from their homes.  And the real sting in tail is that they are being told they must leave Australia and go back to harm on Nauru or Manus or to the same country from where they've fled persecution.

More than a year ago the successful Let Them Stay campaign prevented Minister Duttons first attempt at deporting this same group - including babies born in Australia - back to Nauru and Manus Island. The Minister this morning refused to rule out, and in fact suggested, that the policy would apply to the entire group. The Government's own documents make it clear that the policy will apply to children.

These are babies whove taken their first steps and spoken their first words in Australia. Kids going to Australian schools. Families who have been part of our community for years. And now, out of the blue, theyll be effectively thrown out on the streets in a cruel attempt to force them back to harm, said Mr de Kretser.

The documents outline that visa holders will be given 6 months to arrange return to the countries from which they fled, or one of the offshore detention centers on Nauru or Manus.

Natasha Blucher, Detention Advocacy Manager, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said:

Were talking about women who were sexually assaulted on Nauru. Men who were violently attacked on Manus. Children who were so traumatised by offshore detention that they needed urgent psychiatric care in Australia. They have already endured unimaginable suffering but were finally starting to rebuild their lives in freedom and safety in our co...


Charles Ortel exploring the Clintons and their organised crime business model "IndyWatch Feed National"

The production values in this video are a bit distracting, but it's always worth listening to Charles Ortel for the clarity he brings to a complex issue like the Clintons and their organised crime operations.


Book Launch: Aukati Boundary Lines "IndyWatch Feed National"

2.30pm Saturday 2 September Beer DeLuxe, Fed Square, Melbourne Join award-winning writer and Overland fiction reviewer Michalia Arathimos as she launches her debut novel, Aukati: Boundary Line.


Chairman Mal peak Turnbull at Cooma film set - collar up, leather bomber jacket on & doing an ad for batteries "IndyWatch Feed National"

This could be Rudd, Gillard or another B Grade actor. What's the point of this mindless pap Malcolm?



US CBS television network buys Australia's Network Ten. Waleed Aly will fit right in. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This gives you a sense of CBS. Waleed will fit right in. Stars bring their voice to support tolerance and stop hate in PSA broadcast during #MayweatherMcGregor #SupportTolerance CBS (@CBS) August 27, 2017 CBS Corporation To Acquire Network Ten In Australia PR NewswireAugust 28, 2017 Deal to Buy...


VACCINES ARE UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE by Dr John Piesse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just when you thought the Australian Government could not get any more totalitarian, a Victorian GP with more than 40 years experience is being hounded and threatened with prosecution and deregistration.  Read More


The normalisation of awful "IndyWatch Feed National"

There were about five other women there each with two kids of their own and I knew them all. I knew that each was sharp, brilliant and creative. I was filled with horror, and something of grief, that they were being subjected to any of this, were bound to it and by it. My ears rang, my heart pounded and the room closed in around me. Lets get out of here I wanted to urge them, lets leave the kids and run.


Dr Najibullah Lafraie: Fundamentalist in the Guise of Academician "IndyWatch Feed National"

... but now that Najibullah Lafraie, in a rare show of shamelessness, has threatened RAWA supporters in Australia and is trying to put a mask on his fundamentalist face, I am compelled to write not only about our conversation but also to reject his statement. I hope it will also attract the attention of Mr. Throman Holi who as a lawyer of Najibullah Lafraie has asked our supporters in Australia to remove an article about Najibullah Lafraie from their website and apologies this 'foreign minister' of the criminals and killers.


Dr John Piesse, Blasts Vaccines And Faces Jail Time "IndyWatch Feed National"

As you probably are aware, Melbourne GP, Dr John Piesse, is facing prosecution and deregistration for the crime of supporting parental vaccination choice and writing medical exemption forms for families whose children are at risk of serious reactions or death from vaccines. 

The writer has become embroiled in the controversy about whether or not it is wise to vaccinate.

I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She wont be going to kinder. Shes in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friends father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4 year old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.

In 1988, the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created. It has paid out over US$3.5 billion to the vaccine-injured. The NVICP was set up to protect vaccine manufacturers from ruinous costs of litigation by vaccine-damaged people. It was deemed preferable to have unavoidably unsafe vaccines than no vaccines. Unfortunately the protection provided to vaccine manufacturers also reduced incentives to develop safer vaccines in USA.

Politicians and doctors assure us that vaccinations are very safe although less than 5% of vaccine reactions are reported. Most are passed off as just a coincidence.

Vaccines contain health-damaging ingredients, not the least aluminium a known neurotoxin implicated along with mercury, in brain damage as in autism, developmental delay, ADHD, and learning difficulties. Aluminium is also a powerful promoter of auto-immune diseases. Vaccines can claim to be mercury-free if their mercury content is below a still-toxic threshold. Most influenza vaccines contain mercury also a neurotoxin. In addition, polysorbate 80 in vaccines increases the permeability of the blood brain barrier and potentiates the risks of these neurotoxins. The known presence of carcinogenic viruses in the MMR vaccine, has been covered-up. Vaccines also contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Proof of vaccine safety requires rigorously conducted clinical studies comparing vaccinated versus truly unvaccinated children for health outcomes. Are there any such studies that confirm that vaccinated children are not worse-off than those unvaccinated? No. There are none. Hence, child vaccines are unproven for safety an inconvenient truth for a profession that prides itself on being scientific.

One analysis indicated that national infant mortality rates were proportional to the number of vaccine doses (Miller NZ...


Lori King Gets Murdered and NOW I Find Out Her Husband Ended Up Dead Less than a Year Later "IndyWatch Feed National"

So Lori King gets murdered- Amber Vollaton brags everywhere about murdering her- I call Inspector Bruce Turner of Floyd County VA and report it- and NOW I find out Loris HUSBAND ends up dead LESS THAN A YEAR LATER. Is this their clean up?

Coming Clean With My Investigation into the Murder of Lori King


REVIEW The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Man Who Killed Kennedy
The Case Against LBJ
By Roger Stone

480 pages, paperback

Published by: Skyhorse Publishing, 2013

Storied political operative, DC insider and Trump confidante Roger Stone is the author (with Mike Colapietro) of The Man Who Killed Kennedy, a tour de force of allegations and evidence that pins much of the blame, logistics and political muscle of the 22 November 1963 assassination of US president John F. Kennedy on vice-president Lyndon Johnsons broad Texan shoulders.

Lyndon Johnson

Stone paints VP Johnson as a uniquely unsavoury character (he is hardly alone in this) a serial philanderer, a back-room hustler bathed in a withering degree of corruption, a crude, corrupt, sadistic, unprincipled psychopath. Stone salaciously recounts innumerable sordid escapades, scams and a litany of alleged murders from Johnsons lengthy and colourful career in politics.

John F Kennedy

In the smoky labyrinth of the Kennedy assassination, Stone charts a clear nexus that links elements of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, mob and Texan Big Oil with Lyndon Johnson the circling Brutus to Kennedys Caesar. Enveloped in evolving graft an...


Watch AC/DCs Brian Johnson join Muse to cover Back In Black "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Weve missed hearing former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnsons voice since his departure from the band due to the risk of impending deafness, and we certainly didnt expect to see him showing up onstage with Muse of all bands.

Taking a moment out of their Reading Festival set to bring Brian Johnson out for a special guest appearance, Muse belted out an awesome take on Acca Dacca classic Back In Black, a track theyve covered several times throughout the years.

It clearly means a lot to Brian, too, as he gives Matt Bellamy a big bear hug at the end, as he tells the band thank you so much! and maybe hes feeling extra grateful for everything at the moment having just walked away from a scary car wreck unscathed.

Now, were just crossing out fingers that, perhaps, well get to see a repeat of this when Muse head to Australia for shows in Sydney and Melbourne this December, our first chance to hear tracks from new album Drones in person.

Speaking of Drones, there were thankfully no drone-related incidents at this gig, unlike their gig last year that saw one of their own drones crash into the London crowd, making for a very Spinal Tap-esque moment as they desperately tried to recover it.

In other Muse-related news, the band were themselves covered by The Killers recently at Lollapalooza, with Brandon Flowers & Co. busting out a cover of Starlight after Muse had been forced to cancel their set at the festival due to the weather.

You can check out the heartwarming moment between Brian Johnson and Muse below.


West Australia: Crop downsizing for Chinese group "IndyWatch Feed National"

10 Aug 2017 | West AustralianThe Beidahuang Group is rumoured to have leased out the majority of its 85,000 ha of WA farmland purchased or leased in a $200 million spending spree five years ago


North Korea furious as Britain joins dangerous US military exercises in Korea "IndyWatch Feed National"

BRITISH forces will take part in controversial military exercises led by the US that are due to take place close to North Korea.

The Pentagon has announced that along with British troops taking part, forces from Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand and The Netherlands are also due to be involved in the manoeuvres that are due to start on Monday and last for 10 days.

Around 17,500 US forces personnel are due to take part in the joint exercise alongside South Korea.

The US troops will join with around 3,000 US troops already stationed in South Korea.

It is unclear how many British troops will take part in the war games or what part of the armed forces they are from.

download (76)



Thrilling win for Ocean Grove seniors "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Ocean Grove seniors were at Torquay on the weekend, with Division 3 playing a nail-biter and took the win by six goals in extra time to get into the grand final.
Division 1, 1st semi-final
Ocean Grove 33 def by Modewarre 41. Best: Shelby Hackett, Bridget Taylor, Claudia Britt.
Modda got the jump on Grove early and although the margin was pegged back, it wasnt quite enough to snatch victory.
Division 3, 2nd semi-final
Ocean Grove 35 def Geelong Amateur 29. You could see the top two teams both wanted this win with scores level at full time. Grove had some excellent passages of play and they stormed away in extra time to finish stronger and advance to the grand final. Kim Carroll netted 25 goals for the Grubbers.
Ocean Grove seniors still have two teams in finals contention with Premier Division not getting the final whistle going their way and suffered a one-goal loss to Barwon Heads in their elimination final. Great games from Division 1 and Division 3 winning their way to play next week at Torquay.
Premier Division, elimination final
Ocean Grove 37 def by Barwon Heads 38. Best: C Parker, E Howard, D Hoiles.
Great persistence wasnt enough to get Premier Division over the line against a physical and determined Barwon Heads. Fantastic defence from reliable Candice Parker and mid court attackers Elyse Howard and Dani Hoiles.
Division 1, qualifying final
Ocean Grove vs Modewarre
Division 1, elimination final
Ocean Grove 36 def Queenscliff 26. Best: S Hackett, A OKeefe, B Taylor.
Division 3, 2nd semi-final
Ocean Grove 27 def Torquay 24. Best: T Splatt, A Skurrie, J Sutton.

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Grubbers in the thick of finals "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

17U Section 1 second semi-final: Ocean Grove 16 def by Drysdale 29. Best: Kimberley Hart, Isabelle Teague, Isabel Hackett. A shock loss to the 17U Section 1 girls who lost their first game for the season. They get the chance to redeem themselves in the preliminary final next weekend.
17U Section 2 first semi-final: Ocean Grove 14 def by Anglesea 19. Best: Paige Drinkwater, Alannah McElligott, Monet New. Only one goal separated the sides at the last change, but Anglesea proved too good in the final term.
15U Section 1 first semi-final: Ocean Grove 21 def by Queenscliff 28. Best: Elizza Vallelonga, Zoe Murrells, Bella Kemp. The scores were tight at three-quarter time, but the Coutas ran away with the game despute the gutsy efforts from the Grubbers.
15U Section 2 second semi-final: Ocean Grove 24 def Geelong Amateur 20. Best: Abbey Stanic, Taylah Jeffrey, Charlie Duckett. Not much separated the two sides all morning, but Grove proved too good, winning the crucial moments. The girls now go through to the grand final.
13U Section 2 second semi-final: Ocean Grove 16 def by Portarlington 20. Best: not supplied. A second-quarter lapse cost the girls dearly, but they earned a double chance a shot at a grand final berth with a preliminary final next weekend.
Qualifying finals
17U Section 2: Ocean Grove 27 def Queenscliff 15. Best: Elyssa Winter, Monet New, Olivia Occhipinti. Grove led at every change and despite a mini comeback just before half time by the Coutas, they never looked threatened. The win set up a semi-final against Anglesea.
15U Section 1: Ocean Grove 31 def Geelong Amateur 23. Best: not supplied. Keely Reid and Zoe Murrells were good in goal for the Grubbers who made it through the semis against Queenscliff.
15U Section 2: Ocean Grove 19 def Torquay 15. Best: Elli Campbell, Sophie Franken, Taylah Jeffrey. A close game, but Grove led at every break against a determined Tigers team. The win earned the team a semi-final showdown against Ammos.
13U Section 1: Ocean Grove 21 def Torquay 17. Best: Anna Smith, Amelia Cunningham, Makayla Staehr. The Grubbers never really looked like losing despite the close scoreline. A tough win earned the team a first semi-final against Port.
13U Section 2: Ocean Grove 22 def Portarlington 9. Best: Ruby Hildebrandt, Lily Hallam, Tia McNaughton. Total dominance by the Grubbers, set up by a huge second quarter. The team made it through to the second semi-final against Torquay.

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Who in the heck is D. Marble!? Well we met him today and had a highly entertaining flat earth discussion with him. Questions, Answers and Clues to the possible deceptions regarding our perceived reality and current cosmological paradigm. Darryle has burst onto the flat earth scene recently and his YouTube channel has well over 18


Ocean Grove 3 into grand final "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

OGCC (33) v Geelong Amateur (73)
A brave effort from the Cobras against an Ammos side that was just too good on the day. Ryan Humphries booted three goals while Will Lamb, Darcy Freeman, Austin Derby, Max Lacy, Ty Armistead and Oliver Northam were also outstanding contributors. The Cobras may not have progressed to the grand final, but they had a crack and could hold their heads high.
OGCC 2 (20) vs Anglesea (35)
The Cobra boys faced a fitting opponent in what was their first ever final, with the game tight right from the start and with every contest meet with immense pressure the boys did themselves proud. Although the result didnt fall their way, they fought the game out right to the final siren. They will be better for the experience and cant wait for this Sunday against Geelong Ammos and a shot at redemption. Encouragement awards to Henry Greenwood, Darcy Freeman, Max Lacy, Xavier Eales, Oliver Connan and Max McLachlan.
OGCC 3 (64) vs Geelong Amateur 3 (30)
The lads from OGCC3 were fired up for their first ever final, against an Ammos team that had won their three previous encounters in 2017. Despite conceding the first goal, captain Max West responded to kick two first quarter goals and get the team rolling. The development of the team was then on show, as every player united in a team focused display of footy. In the second quarter, Ned Poynder and Nathan Grasso stepped up to apply more scoreboard pressure. Knowing Ammos were going to challenge late, in the second half OGCC3 maintained the intensity, driven by on-ballers Ned Gray and Jimmy Spowart. The collective team effort resulted in a win and ensured OGCC3 a week off to prepare for their grand final. Awards to Jimmy Spowart, Ned Gray, Max West, Ned Poynder, Izaak Terhorst and Elliott McQueen.

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Community and international health groups protest TPP revival at Sydney meeting "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release August 28, 2017:  Community groups will rally today outside a meeting of trade negotiators from 11 of the original 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership countries* who are discussing whether the TPP can be revived without the US, and how much the text should be changed. 

The rally is at 1pm outside the Intercontinental Hotel at the corner of Bridge and Philip Streets, Sydney. ACTU President Ged Kearney and other
community speakers will address the rally.

Trade Minister Ciobo should not be supporting revival of the dead TPP without change when there is strong community opposition and the Australian Parliament has not endorsed it, said Dr Patricia Ranald, convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET). 

Dr Ranald said that strong US community opposition to the TPP in the US meant the U.S. Congress did not support it before the 2016 election and both main presidential candidates opposed it. Donald Trump only dealt the final blow by withdrawing after the election. Opposition from a broad range of Australian community groups meant an Australian Senate inquiry refused to endorse the TPP, and the Australian Parliament has not passed the implementing legislation.

Community groups oppose the TPP because it gives pharmaceutical companies stronger monopolies on costly biologic medicines, delaying the availability of cheaper forms of those medicines. It gives special rights to foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals over changes to domestic laws.

Many of the other 11 governments only reluctantly agreed to this agenda because the US demanded it in return for access to US markets. Malaysia and Vietnam have said that the TPP without the US should be renegotiated. They will not give a free ride to the US, and nor should Australia, said Dr Ranald.

Public health and other community organisations from most TPP countries have also...


Turnbull calls in energy bosses again "IndyWatch Feed National"

Malcolm Turnbull has ordered energy bosses to a second meeting after an audit revealed more than a million households are still paying the highest rates for electricity.

The prime minister says the number paying more than they need could be even higher because they are not on a suitable plan or their discounted offer has expired and they havent been told.

What we are securing is (the companies) commitment to make sure their customers know whether they are on the right plan, Mr Turnbull told FOX FM on Monday.

I want to make sure that as far as we can manage it no Australian is paying more than they need to for electricity.

Mr Turnbull says retailers have already committed to telling customers when their plans are coming to an end.

That will be reaffirmed at a meeting in Sydney on Wednesday, the second in three weeks.

Mr Turnbull says he is already aware of reports of people being offered 25 to 27 per cent discounts.

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Conservatives urge yes in marriage vote "IndyWatch Feed National"

The postal vote for gay marriage will take place in mid-September. file pic)

The postal vote for gay marriage will take place in mid-September. file pic)

Conservatives who support same-sex marriage have launched a campaign to convince their voters to say yes in the coming postal survey.

The campaign features messages from Liberal and Nationals party elders including federal cabinet ministers Christopher Pyne and Kelly ODwyer, Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman, and former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett as well as voters and party members.

There is a very strong case for same sex marriage within the liberal and conservative traditions embodied by the Liberal Party, spokesman Luke Barnes said.

He says this is reflected in support among Liberal Party members and politicians as well as growing support within the Nationals.Meanwhile, polling commissioned by marriage equality advocates finds two-thirds of Catholic Australians say theyll vote yes in the coming ballot broadly in line with repeated polling for the entire community.

The proportions were similar for Australians from other religions, the Newgate Research poll found.

The upper management of the (Catholic) Church isnt listening to the flock who have made up their minds on marriage equality because its about their friends, family members and neighbours, Equality Campaign executive director Tiernan Brady said.

This is about civil marriage, not religious marriage. Allowing lesbian and gay couples to have access to civil marriage will not interfere in any way with any religious sacrament and nor should it.

A record proportion of Australians have enrolled to vote after a push from both sides of the marriage campaign to encourage people to take part.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will run the voluntary postal survey with ballots set to start arriving in letter boxes in mid-September, pending the outcome of a High Court challenge.

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Renewable energy projects are booming "IndyWatch Feed National"

Solar panels and windmill. Photo courtesy RenewEconomy

Solar panels and windmill. Photo courtesy RenewEconomy

Renewables generated enough energy in July to cover the power needs of almost three in four Australian households.

While renewables accounted for about 18.8 per cent of overall electricity generated, this was enough to power 8.2 million households across both the east and west coast grids, a new monthly renewable energy index finds.

The new Australian Renewable Energy Index, launched on Monday by market analysts Green Energy Markets and advocacy group GetUp, will track each month the amount of renewable energy Australia relies on, the jobs it creates and the environmental benefits.

The July 2017 report finds there are 53 large-scale renewable energy projects being built (seven more than in June), creating about 9900 full-time construction jobs.

As well, more than 14,400 rooftop solar systems were installed in the month, with the industry estimated to support 4660 jobs.

Back in 2008, generation from solar was little more than a rounding error, Green Energy Market analysis and advisory director Tristan Edis said.

Systems installed in just the past year, however, will produce energy equivalent to the needs of over 226,000 homes (and) save consumers $1.5 billion off their electricity bills over the next 10 years.

He said the boom in renewable projects both large and small was underpinned by the renewable energy target, which runs out in 2020.

However, Mr Edis estimated if the current rate of construction kept up, Australia would be on track to meet the target of producing 23.5 per cent of energy from renewables by the end of 2018.

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One Map With All The Countries The US Has Invaded Will Make You Question Everything "IndyWatch Feed National"

For those who have ever wanted a clearer picture of the true reach of the United States military both historically and currently but shied away due to the sheer volume of research required to find an answer, a crew at the Independent just made things a whole lot simpler. Using data compiled by a Geography and []

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Lefty media won't understand this at all. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hey twitter, YouTube. When you censor us, our voices grow louder. You are Frankenstein. We are your monster. Own it. Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) August 27, 2017


If You Havent Heard About The Growing AFL Racism Scandal, You Soon Will "IndyWatch Feed National"

Try as they might, the AFL hasnt quite been able to make the Hritier Lumumba racism scandal go away. Chris Graham explains what it is, and why.

You can put a new coat of paint on a busted old car, but its still just a busted old car with a new coat of paint. Equally, the Australian Football League can spruik its anti-racism credentials from the hilltops all it likes, but it still has a past pock-marked with vicious, deliberate racism and a present that, frankly, doesnt really look much different.

You might not have heard much yet but over the past few weeks, a few key events have happened.

Last week, the AFLs new diversity executive, Aboriginal woman Tanya Hosch, called bullshit on a private Adelaide Crows function she attended, headlined by ageing curiosity Greg Ritchie, a former Australian cricketer more famous for his character Mahatma Coat (an overtly racist depiction of a Pakistani cricket official) than anything he ever did on the field.

In case youve forgotten, heres Ritchie plying his trade on Channel 9s rugby league Footy Show in 1995, more than two decades ago.

It was racist back then, but by 2017 standards its staggering. But not quite as staggering as the fact that Crows Chairman Andrew Fagan and Port Adelaide Chairman David Koch (yes, Kochy, of Sunrise fame) were present at the recent event, and reportedly saw nothing wrong with Ritchies performance.

Caroline Wilson from The Age broke the story, noting: A comedy performer in his post-cricket career whose Punjabi Sikh character Mahatma Cote was a regular on Channel Nines NRL Footy Show, Ritchie was effectively banned by Cricket Australia from appearing at its functions over the 2012-13 season. This was after another performance at the Adelaide Oval during the first Test that resulted in allegations of racism from the South African cricket team.

So the Australian cricket team famous around the world for sledging and racist abuse bans the guy from performing because hes even too racist for them. Half a decade later, senior officials within the AFL a code which likes to claim its the national leader in addressing racism in sport sees nothing objectionable in a white man adopting a fake eastern accent, and throwing in a bit of misogyny for...


Gonna have to just start killing if I dont get laid: White Supremacist Plots Mass Shooting Due to Sexual Frustration "IndyWatch Feed National"

If white fragility wasnt harmful enough, pair it with male fragility and sexual frustration, and you have a potentially lethal combination.

Michael James Holt, a white supremacist from New South Australia, has admitted to stockpiling wepons and planning a mass shooting out of sexual frustration.

As reported by Raw Story:

Michael James Holt appeared Friday in an Australian court for a sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to a variety of firearms charges after police found his cache of homemade guns two years ago at his home, his grandfathers home and a hotel, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

The 26-year-old later pleaded guilty to possessing and sharing child pornography after police found those images while investigating the shooting plot.

Prosecutors said the New South Australia man admitted to planning a mass shooting at a mall and also wanted to shoot teachers and students at a nearby school.

Holt admitted to an infatuation with neo-Nazi ideology and told a counselor that he believed Adolf Hitler was the greatest person to live, prosecutors told the sentencing judge.

Prosecutors presented more than 40 pages of text messages from Holt revealing his plan to shoot tourists and police, the newspaper reported and he blamed his violent urges on his inability to find a willing sexual partner.

Gonna have to just start killing people if I dont get laid soon, Holt said in one text message.

His defense attorneys are trying to excuse Holts behaviour due to his autism- disclosing that as a result...


Community members urge government to back safe injection facility "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following report is the result of a collaborative effort, involving participants at the rally for an injecting room in Richmond, which took place on Saturday 27 August.

Hundreds of mainly residents and small business owners rallied in Richmond, in inner Melbourne, to call on the state Andrews government to support the setting up of a safe injection centre in the municipality.

The area around the Victoria Street restaurant strip has become Melbournes premier illicit drug distribution point and last year alone, there were 34 local drug use related deaths.

Local shopkeepers and residents have for a long time been calling on the government to do something about the problem. Trade in illicit drugs brings about a rise in local crime, committed by people desperate to raise the money for their addiction. The extent begging and hustling people at the doorways of local businesses is keeping customers away. Although only involving a tiny proportion, the rise in assaults in the street has been enough to cause alarm and diminish  the sense of safety. The large number of discarded syringes is another major issue.

At the same time, there is a growing realisation that the problem of addiction is essentially a health issue, which heavy handed policing is not going to solve and that the best option is to have a safe injecting centre that will provide needed services to users and give them the best chance to manage their situation.

A safe injecting centre is also seen as the best option for removing the presence of the drug trade from Victoria Street and around neighbouring residences.

The Yarra council supports the concept. But the Victorian governments current policy is to oppose it. Nevertheless, a current parliamentary inquiry will soon come down with a report and many of the submission that have been made to it, make it clear that the prevailing opinion of practitioners and others who work in the field that a changer in this policy would lead to a much better outcome. There is an expectation that the report will accept the expert input.

People came to the rally to point out that lack of action has caused preventable deaths. They heard heart-wrenching accounts of families who had lost loved ones to drug addiction.

Laura Turner spoke of the death of her sister Skye, who died from a heroin overdose in March 2017. She lay dead in the back of a van on Elizabeth Street in the CBD, that beautiful face, that incredible mind, had slipped away, she said.

Her sister could have been saved if medical assistance had been available when she took that final, fatal hit of heroin, she said, imploring the Victorian government to trial a supervised injecting facility and urging the community to adopt a mor...


Independent Artist Of The Week: Great Outdoors "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbournes Great Outdoors cant be defined by a single genre. Sporadic bursts of krautrock shift effortlessly into emotive garage rock moments without warning. Its a charming journey filled with genius tempo shifts, straight up lyrics and hooky Television-esque guitar in all the right places.

Frontman Zachary Schneider (Totally Mild, Free Time) started Great Outdoors as a solo project, but made room for two new recruits with Dylan Young and Max Sheldrake-Falovic joining towards the end of 2016. The reincarnation as a trio brought with it a little more speed and one of the most exciting local releases of 2017,Fake News. As its title suggests, its an album filled with clever political commentary and, well, some highly infectious, crisp jangly pop.

Their latest single Keep Your Focus maintains a persistent pulsating groove from start to finish. Its raw, with fast percussive drums and a thriving bassline thatll keep you on your toes.

Theres never a dull moment with Great Outdoors: you never know whats coming next and thats the true beauty of it. Dive in and watch the clip below.

WHO: Great Outdoors
WHERE: Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Surry Hills
WHEN: Thursday 5 October, 8pm
HOW MUCH: Free! More details here.
Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!


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Collapsing under corruption and hubris: Navy errors killed more troops than Afghanistan so far in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

A heartsick surface Navy is vowing to find answers after a series of incidents that could make the peacetime Western Pacific deadlier for U.S. troops this year than Afghanistan. The Navy began, as it often does, with accountability: On Wednesday, it fired the three-star admiral whose command in the Western Pacific suffered at least four big accidents this year, two of which may have killed a combined 17 sailors. An officer aboard the destroyer USS Stethem also was lost overboard near the Philippines on Aug. 1.


September In Your Patch "IndyWatch Feed National"

September is a fantastic time to be alive for us gardeners! The chill is almost gone from the mornings, and the afternoons are getting longer. Blossoms are bursting and you can smell spring in the air wherever you go. If you have been hibernating through winter now is the time to get out and into it. Read on for some fabulous September gardening advice for your area.

Improve Your Soil
Prepare your Yummy Yard for spring planting by improving your soil. Lightly dig over the soil popping in plenty of organic matter including top-notch compost and well rotted manure. Dont forget to mulch the beds with a straw mulch. This bed will be awesome come planting time and you will have the greatest Yummy Yard in the street!

Try some colour
Why not try some lovely colour in your patch as well like nasturtium, snapdragons, phlox, petunias, marigolds (French) and celosia. They are great at attracting pollinators and beneficial insects to your patch, and they look fantastic as well. Now is the time to plant some sunflower seeds. Find a sunny spot where you would like to see some happy sunflowers later in the year and plant the seeds to double the depth of the seed. Cover lightly with dirt and wait theyll be popping their heads up in no time!

Citrus Gall Wasp
Check your citrus trees for gall wasp and remove affected sections by pruning well below the gall. Dont compost this or put it in the green waste bin.  Its a good idea to cut through the gall to expose the larvae to air which they hate before putting it in a bag and popping in the rubbish bin.  Or you could soak the galls in water for a week or two or burn them (if your local Council permits).

Other things you can do are to hang sticky yellow traps on the tree in mid-August as they attract and trap the emerging adults, but make sure you take the traps down by November as they also kill beneficial insects.

Do not use a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen, as this promotes soft growth which provides ideal conditions for the wasp.  Use a balanced fertiliser or compost.

A biological form of control introducing wasps that prey on citrus gall wasp is used in orchards and home gardens. Megastigmus brevivalvus and Megastigmus trisulcus are natural enemies of citrus gall wasp. They lay their eggs inside the eggs of the citrus gall wasp and when their eggs hatch they destroy the host.

Megastigus brevivalvus is sold to home gardeners in some states, but it is only available for a two-week window around October/November. If you are able to g...


Aggressors: Interactive map shows all countries US has invaded since 1890 "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, the US has had a military presence across the world, from almost day one of its independence. For those who have ever wanted a clearer picture of the true reach of the United States military - both historically and currently - but shied away due to the sheer volume of research required to find an answer, The Anti Media points out that a crew at the Independent just made things a whole lot simpler. Using data compiled by a Geography and Native Studies professor from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, the indy100 team created an interactive map of U.S. military incursions outside its own borders from Argentina in 1890 to Syria in 2014. To avoid confusion, indy100 laid out its prerequisites for what constitutes an invasion:


People in the Philippines Ask Nagging Questions on China "IndyWatch Feed National"

By   @inquirerdotnet

 / 05:16 AM August 26, 2017

Question: What is the similarity between China and the Caloocan police?

Answer: China claimed that it had stopped reclamation work on the disputed islands in the South China Sea since 2015 (Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano supported the claim); the Caloocan police claimed that Kian delos Santos was shot and killed because he shot at them first. Both claims were belied by pictures: In Chinas case, satellite images showed its reclamation activities in late 2016; in the Caloocan case, CCTV footage showed the policemen dragging Kian off

In short, both are bare-faced liars, caught red-handed by modern-day technology.

Q: How far do Filipinos trust China vs. America?

A: The Social Weather Stations survey in September 2016 showed that Filipinos trusted America the most (+66) and China the least (-33), among the countries surveyed. The SWS also reported that since 1994, when the question was first asked, America has always showed positive ratings, its lowest being +18 and its highest +82; China has showed positive trust ratings only 7 times out of 40, and its highest trust rating was +17 (lower than Americas lowest), while its lowest was -46.

In short, Filipinos dont trust China any further than they can throw it (and China, a giant, cant be thrown very far).

Q: So why does President Duterte trust China so much and distrust America?

A: No hard evidence on which to base an answer. Communications Secretary Martin Andanar told me in an interview (you can catch it on Monday) that the President listens. Well, yes, he listened to the outraged cry against Kians murder, but he obviously hasnt listened to the Filipino distrust of China (Filipinos have dealt with Chinese since pre-Hispanic times).

All these make up background for the current issue relating to Chinas bare-faced lies or its treachery vis--vis the Philippines, which are well-documented in Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpios....


FIRE-EARTH Alert: KNSW "IndyWatch Feed National"

All Groups FIRE-EARTH Alert: KNSW ALERT details available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.   Filed under: News Alert Tagged: 082701, All Groups, Fire-Earth Alert, FIRE-EARTH Alerts, FIRE-EARTH PULSARS, KNSW


Australias Turnbull Governments Anti-Terror Tool Kit "IndyWatch Feed National"

It has been a week of bollards in Australia. And defence barriers. And hedges and vegetation. No, not the radio garden hour, or the herbaceous borders special featured on prime time television, delivered by a bearded man with a facial


Fiona Barnett and Her Complaint of Murder Attempts Against Her and More "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cuba incidents caused brain injury, nerve damage to diplomats: CBS News

Proof These Directed Energy Weapons Exist

This 1 Disturbing Sign Means Someone Was a Victim of Child Abuse

@46:31 Doug Mesnar basically, well literally says that a father putting his private in a babys mouth INSTEAD of its feeding bottle is NOT traumatic and abusive to the baby BECAUSE it has no cognizant idea of what is happening

Give it a watch IF you can stomach it. I point this out because THIS man wants to educate the youth of America with his satanic after school programs.

Monica Dennington Confronts Phoenix City Council About Satanic Prayer


Manila Hosted Discussions of the Southeast Asian Problems "IndyWatch Feed National"

No ammount of preparations is enough when the leading players meet.

No ammount of preparations is enough when the leading players meet.

At the beginning of August, Manila, Philippines hosted a number of international forums including foreign ministers of a number of states. These events played an important role in preparations for a number of summits (planned for the first half of November of this year) that are going to be held for nations directly or indirectly involved in the political, economic, and military-strategic affairs of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) in general and the sub-region of Southeast Asia in particular.

Although the dangerous situation on the Korean Peninsula has been touched upon during these events, a lions share of attention was paid to the South China Sea and matters related to the situation in that strategic area.

By the nature of the assessments of the problems observed in Southeast Asia and South Korea, as well as approaches to the resolution of this crisis, the participants in the Manila summits could be divided into three groups.

The first group consists of the ten ASEAN member countries, all of which together form the political and geographical region of Southeast Asia. Preparation for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of ASEAN was among the most important topics in Manila.

The second included China, whose leaders consider the nation related directly to this sub-region. Finally, there were ministers from a number of countries that took part in the Manila events, referred to by Beijing and a number of other players as extra-regional forces.

That is an extremely remarkable geopolitical meme. On the one hand, it refers to countries that are not geographically related to Southeast Asia and that allegedly have nothing to do with the political problems that exist within the region in question. But on the other hand, the use of the word forces means that the countries described by this term are trying to project their influence into regions from afar.

Such countries in Beijings understanding are the US, followed by Japan and Australia. It should be noted, however, that....


Loving the Bollard: Turnbulls Anti-Terror Tool Kit "IndyWatch Feed National"

It has been a week of bollards.  And defence barriers.  And hedges and vegetation. No, not the radio garden hour, or the herbaceous borders special featured on prime time television, delivered by a bearded man with a facial forest so vast it could regenerate several lost species.

This is the anti-terrorist flick of the week, and given that Australias Turnbull government is nearing its next blow, awaiting another stroke in the aftermath of the citizenship crisis, a suitably urgent package filled with alarmist goodies to distract the public was in the offing.

The Prime Minister was grave in his August 20 statement introducing the toolkit to reduce terrorist threats, part of an investigation solicited last year after the carnage witnessed in Nice along the Promenade des Anglais.  As we have seen from tragic events in Paris, London, Berlin and Barcelona, terrorists continue to target crowded places.

With each murderous adventure, often culminating in the shooting death of the perpetrator, the security doyens are asked what can be done.  The behind-closed doors approach varies between overexertion and inactivity. An entirely secure strategy would entail abolishing freedom of movement and basic civil liberties.  What matters for the public is the reassurance, the placebo effect.

The public face of such an approach must seem splendidly busy, putting more personnel on the streets, increasing awareness among members of the population, and getting various defences at the ready.

In Sydney, Turnbull made a special point of appearing in a manner that only gave the impression he was over-egging the pudding. (Is Australia waiting for its own variant of the Intifada?)  Alongside him were the New South Wales Minister for Police Troy Grant, the NSW Minister for Counter-Terrorism David Elliott, the Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin, the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, and the Commonwealth Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Tony Sheehan.

The strategy, released last Sunday (always good to get people on their day of rest), emphasised the threat posed to areas frequented by the humble civilian: sports stadia; pedestrian malls; shopping centres.  Offenders with guns or knives or bombs or chemical devices are also a threat, its a full range of threats.  But what Nice demonstrated was the lethality of somebody using a truck in a crowded place.

A response fashioned on various structural and resilience measures was considered vital, including those traditional intrusions such as closed-circuit television.  (Surveillance always goes down well as a seller when attempting to foil the next attack.)  Importantly, Turnbull insists on casting the language differe...


Australia To Suspend Doctor For Helping Parents Get Vaccine Exemptions "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Melbourne GP may end up having his medical license revoked for helping anti-vaccine parents get exemptions in Australia. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is unhappy with Dr. John Piesse helping parents find a way around...

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MACKAY Man charged with horrific murder of his brother "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 27, 2017 at 06:48AM ,

Man charged with horrific murder of his brother

August 27, 2017 at 06:48AM ,

Property. 16 hours ago; Comment Leanne Elizabeth Jordan, 54, faced Mackay Magistrates Court pleaded guilty to public nuisance,

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Is this woman vying for the title of worst neighbour ever? "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 27, 2017 at 01:33PM ,

Is this woman vying for the title of worst neighbour ever?

August 27, 2017 at 01:33PM ,

Jordan, who had been very drunk, couldnt remember much of either incident, Mackay Magistrates Court was told on Thursday. She faced the court

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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How the administration of the penal colony called Australia are taking away your rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here is a report of the title;

The state of fundamental legal rights in Australia
by Simon Breheny, Morgan Begg (Dec 2014)

on how the administration of a colony of the United Kingdom called Australia are dealing with the  unruly slave population by taking away their fundamental legal rights such as;

  • The presumption of innocence and burden of proof
  • Natural justice
  • The right to silence
  • Privilege against self-incrimination

The report is 50 pages and 1.9MB:

where it is available for download at:


Australia: Ex-human rights chief says Sharias no different to Catholicism, calls for Sharia courts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Yes, Sharia and Catholicism are essentially identical, if you overlook all that business about stonings, amputations, wife-beating, death for apostasy, institutionalized discrimination against non-believers, and the rest. And as for Sharia courts, when they were established in Britain, officials repeatedly assured the public that they would only cover private matters on a voluntary basis, and []

Sunday, 27 August


Former Australian PM Abbott admits he was passed out drunk during crucial financial crisis vote "IndyWatch Feed National"

After years of lies and deflections, Australia's former prime minister Tony Abbott has admitted on a local television program that he missed a crucial 2009 vote on a $42 billion stimulus package intended to shore up the country's banking system during the financial crisis because he was passed out drunk. Abbott, then a member of the Liberal party's front bench, said he fell asleep on the couch in his office after consuming "quite a few bottles of wine" with two of his peers in the MP's dining room "and could not be roused." The next thing he knew, it was morning, and he had missed the vote, according to the Herald Sun. The admission comes years after a public row erupted between Abbott and former Labor Treasurer Wayne Swan when, back in 2013, Swan accused Abbott of missing the crucial vote because he drank too much. At the time, Abbott demanded that Swan stop "telling lies" about him, and members of Abbott's party asked that Swan withdraw his comments from the parliamentary record.


Fiona Barnetts Complaint to Alaskan Authorities After Several Murder Attempts Where Made on Her When She Came to Speak in America "IndyWatch Feed National"

And OF COURSE- what have the police done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They are ALLOWING survivors to be picked off while they sit back and squash any investigations into what the horribly abused victims are telling them. THEY- like the pedophile protection squad- led by Doug Mesner- are PROTECTING AND SERVING child rapists and killers- and THEN expect to be hailed as heroes.

Aug 27

Alison Miller helped set me up in Alaska

Numerous people expressed concern at my traveling to the USA, fearing I would be bumped off. Well, they did try. This was one of three attempts on my life in the USA.

I think one year is sufficient time for a health board to finalise an investigation. Ive lost patience; so, here is the complaint Ive sat on for 11 months.

To the Alaskan Board of Social Work Examiners,

I am writing to lodge a formal complaint regarding Kimber Olson, a board certified licensed clinical social worker. Ms Olsons work address is 2600 Denali, Suite 606, Anchorage, 907-903-7880.
On 9th October, 2016, I was attending a Seattle conference as an international guest presenter. A social worker who works for Tacoma police, Beth Cook Adams, approached my associate Nicky Davis and asked to speak privately with me. Ms Cook spoke with Nicky and I, and told me she was impressed with my conference presentation.
Beth told Nicky and I that she was due to travel to Anchorage, Alaska the following weekend to assist with a two-week intensive intervention with an alleged DID client named Sarah, which had been organised by Kimber Olson. Beth indicated that there was a severe shortage of volunteers to assist with baby-sitting the client of a night time at her accommodation in hotels and a remote cottage in Eagle River Valley. Beth also indicated that she was nervous about assisting with a DID client.
Nicky and I offered to travel to Anchorage at our own expense and volunteer, if the organisers were interested.
Beth said that Kimber was desperate for volunteers as there were gaps in the roster.
I made it clear that Nicky and I were not licensed health professionals.
Beth made a call to Kimber who immediately agreed to our assisting.
Nicky and I flew to Alaska on Monday 10th October.
We were collected from the airport by Kimber Olson who had the client in the car. We drove to Kimbers office. Kimber then loaned us her car while she had a lengthy therapy session with the client. After this, Kimber drove Nicky, the client and I to a shopping centre where Nicky and I purchased groceries that the client requested. Kimber then drove us to the remote cottage in Eagle River Valley.
Nicky and I were not briefed prior to being left at the cottage with the client. We were never given a chance to sp...


Downsizing cost trap awaits retirees five reasons to be wary "IndyWatch Feed National"

Add up all the neglected costs of downsizing and retirees have good reason to be wary of making the move. Its time to debunk the myth of zero housing costs in retirement if we want to understand why retirees resist downsizing. Retirees have at least five reasons to be wary of the costs of downsizing. [Article first published at on 31 July 2017.]

Retirees living in middle-ring suburbs face frequent calls to downsize into apartments to free up larger allotments in these suburbs for redevelopment. Retirees who fail to downsize into smaller units and apartments are viewed as being a greedy, baby-boomer elite, stealing financial security from younger generations.

It also makes sense to policymakers for retirees to move into less spacious accommodation and make way for high-density housing. Housing think-tank AHURI fosters this view. Yet seniors remain resistant to moving, in part because of the ongoing costs they would face.

The concept of zero housing costs in retirement is based on a 1940s view of a well-maintained, single dwelling on a single allotment of land where the mortgage has been paid off. This concept is incompatible with medium- and high-density housing and refusing to acknowledge ongoing housing costs may cause significant poverty for retirees.

Reason 1 upfront moving costs are high

When a house is sold the owner receives the sale funds minus the real estate and legal fees. When the same person then buys a different property to live in, they pay legal fees plus stamp duty.

For cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, these costs are likely to exceed A$70,000.

These high transfer costs may mean it is not cost-effective for the person to move.


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